US sticks its head in sand to avoid seeing a Muhammed cartoon--coming to you on South Park tonight.--

South Park continues its examination of the Muhammed cartoons with "Cartoon Wars--Part II." You can watch a trailer for the new episode in the middle of the page here.

Last week's episode (Part I) re-airs at 9:30pm ET (8:30pm CT) tonight (Wednesday). The new episode (Part II) follows at 10 pm ET and midnight ET, as well as Thursday at 10 pm ET.

From the trailer for the new episode:

"As an entire nation buries its head in sand: 'The idea has swept the nation, but where we will find enough sand for everyone?' . . . Will television executives fight for free speech or will Comedy Central puss out?"

Tune in tonight to find out the answers to these and other questions!

Pyrrhus (mail) (www):
If they show pictures of mohammed, it won't be their first time.
4.12.2006 8:47pm
millerhighlife (mail):
south park is so amazingly smart and funny. with all due respect to the Vconspirators, south park uses humor to illustrate this issue more clearly than a law professor ever could.
4.12.2006 10:56pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
How disappointing/unsurprising. Nice illustration at the end of how ludicrous at is that CM won't air Mohammad "just standing there," but will air Bush, Jesus, an unwed mother, and some other folks crapping on each other and the American flag. Kind of embarassing actually.

And Miller, I disagree - I've had some funny and crudely animated law profs.
4.12.2006 11:36pm
jared barber (mail):
I dont think this one had to be a two parter, but it was funny that they even threw in some self deprication, after rippin on Family Guy
4.12.2006 11:49pm
simplin53 (mail):
spineless network! i thought comedy central had balls, but i guess i was wrong. they can't even stand behind the most thoughtfull show when they take a stand on the most relivent topic in the world.
4.12.2006 11:57pm
roy (mail) (www):
The episode had its problems, but it was basically great TV. First time I felt any real suspense from a cartoon. It's a shame the network wussed out.

I'd boycott the network, but, well, I really like watching South Park.
4.12.2006 11:59pm
Pyrrhus (mail) (www):
Has there been any confirmation (outside of the episode itself, where it might have been a joke) that Comedy Central actually censored the episode?
4.13.2006 12:01am
I was wondering the same thing, Pyrrhus. However, I can't imagine CC not being incredibly P.O.'d if one of their shows lied about them like that, so I'm inclined to believe Matt and Trey.

If my vote mattered (because I was a Nielsen family or something like that), I'd stop watching Comedy Central and just download South Park episodes online.
4.13.2006 12:41am
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
It's poor consolation, I know, but I give CC credit for letting South Park - well - abjectly humiliate them. Insofar as the shows content can be imputed to the network, the network said, "we pussed out - we are sorry." They also didn't hide the reason - fear.

I just wish people had more faith in domestic security - and I hope that faith is deserved.
4.13.2006 12:59am
While the politics behind censoring the image of Muhammed from South Park are unfortunate, it lent the program poignance that a silly cartoon of Muhammed with a salmon-helmet never could. They manifested the costs of censorship.
To show Muhammad would not further the episode's argument. It would certainly be permissible speech, but in context unproductive. It would primarily be a defiant stunt.
Being censored from showing Muhammed was equally a stunt. Surely South Park had little doubt that, if Comedy Central was unwilling to offend Scientologists, it would be equally or more unwilling to offend radical muslims.
South Park knew the image would be censored. I believe it was their plan. By being censored, South Park became evidence for its own argument.
4.13.2006 1:57am