We Hit the Big Time!

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Episode 1004 Censored Scene Many of you have been asking been asking about the "censored" scene at the end of last week's episode, "Cartoon Wars, Part II." It was required by Comedy Central, but the edit was done by the studio.

For more information, click here [EV: links to a article] or click here [EV: links to Jim Lindgren's post].

Woohoo! (No wait, that would be the Simpsons.)

Respect Jim's Authoritah!
4.18.2006 8:11pm
GMUSL 2L (mail):
Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals -- Jim's living proof. Beefcake... BEEFCAKE!!!
4.18.2006 8:39pm
Mr. Bingley (www):
Eugene,now go make Jim a sammich!
4.18.2006 9:51pm
Fishbane (mail):
I'm looking forward to a treatment of the role of Cheezy Puffs(TM) as an Agent of Change in 1st Amendment jurisprudence, and the implications thereof for statutory hate speech law and the interest of veal processing concerns.
4.19.2006 1:02am
James Lindgren (mail):
Cheezy Puffs(TM) equals business speech.

Cartman can sing his argument before the Supreme Court.

And I like sammich's!
4.19.2006 1:31pm