Bloggers-Meet-Readers on Thursday, April 27, 9 pm, in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

A bunch of bloggers, including some of us Conspirators, will be in Cambridge for a Harvard Law School Berkman Center conference on blogging and legal scholarship next Thursday and Friday (April 27 and 28), and we plan to hang out either at the Harvard Faculty Club (if a room there can be reserved for the right time) or at a local bar on Thursday, April 27, at 9 pm.

If you're around that evening and would like to join us, please mark your calendars; we'll post more when the exact place is worked out. So far, it looks like these bloggers are on for that evening:

Douglas Berman, Sentencing Law and Policy
Gail Heriot, The Right Coast
Jim Lindgren, The Volokh Conspiracy
Christine Hurt, Conglomerate
Paul Butler, BlackProf
Michael Froomkin, Discourse.Net
Gordon Smith, Conglomerate
Betsy Malloy, Health Law Prof Blog
Randy Barnett, The Volokh Conspiracy
Orin Kerr, The Volokh Conspiracy and
Howard Bashman, How Appealing
Dan Solove, Concurring Opinions
Ann Althouse, Althouse
Eric Goldman, Technology & Marketing Law Blog
Larry Ribstein, Ideoblog
Peter Lattman, Wall Street Journal's Law Blog
Paul Caron, Taxprof
Larry Solum, Legal Theory Blog
Ellen Podgor, White Collar Crime Prof Blog

First round of cat food's on me. Interpersonal interaction might be a little awkward, so everyone should disperse and say their hellos on their blackberries first.
4.20.2006 8:52pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
I'll be there. You will recognize me as the scruffy, Pacino-bagged, Russian with the Internal Revenue Code written out on his skin. (Yeah, finals week!)
4.20.2006 9:20pm
Edward Wiest (mail):
A faithfulw reader living on the 96 bus line out of Cambridge would be happy to attend (if family commitments permit). Please keep me advised (quietly if necessary) of the venue.
4.20.2006 10:24pm
Eric Muller (www):
Drink a round for me! I would've loved to be there!
4.20.2006 10:31pm
Cathy (mail) (www):
I'll be there too, although, unlike my apparent classmate Mike, I may refrain from tattooing my face with my tax notes. Crim pro, however...
4.20.2006 11:04pm
SAS (mail):
I'm a reader who might show. I'm not sure I'd be able to contribute too much to any conversation, so I don't know. Law School is still a few years ahead of me :/
4.21.2006 1:59am
Vance (mail):
Since I'm in the neighborhood (well, same subway line) I will make a point to come by, though I'm new as a member here (I've been a fan of Eugene's for several years now on two different mailing lists)
4.21.2006 11:57am
Shake-N-Bake (www):
For shame, it looks like Bob Loblaw of the Bob Loblaw Law Blog isn't invited.
4.21.2006 12:30pm
Crank (mail) (www):
It's bad enough I can't make my law school 10th reunion, you guys have to go and throw a blog bash there at the same time . . .
4.21.2006 12:52pm
Erica George (mail):
I'm planning to be there, and I may be bringing a handful of folks from the Berkman Center's weekly blog discussion group, too.
4.21.2006 1:25pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):

For shame, it looks like Bob Loblaw of the Bob Loblaw Law Blog isn't invited.

Bob Loblaw's presence, while exciting, would no doubt prove a nuisance since Bob Loblaw would inevitably lob law bombs.
4.21.2006 3:52pm
I assume this is like the State of the Union where 1 conspirator must stay behind to continue the conspiracy in the event of terrorist attack or catastrophe?
4.21.2006 11:49pm