Site Temporarily Down:
My apologies to readers that seems to be down right now. As soon as it's back up, I'll have new posts on Judge McConnell's recent Booker article and my own review of a new book about Supreme Court clerks. Thanks for visiting, and my apologies for the server problems.

  UPDATE: The site is back up now.
Tennessean (mail):
It is up for me (as is the Booker post).
4.24.2006 3:51pm
RPS (mail):

Has anyone commented about the background? Maybe it is just me, but I find anything other than a white background to be an unnecessary burden when reading a blog. Volokh, Scotusblog, How Appealling, etc. all use a white background and I think for good reason.
4.24.2006 4:12pm
I personally like the off-color background. The idea was to have a look that was a bit different from other blogs. Do others find it an unnecessary burden?
4.24.2006 4:29pm
I like the look. Matter of taste, I'm sure.
4.24.2006 10:14pm
MM (mail):
I'm in favor of the off-color background as well (and generally a big fan of
4.25.2006 12:39am