Baby Shower Trivia Questions:

My wife is organizing a baby shower for a friend of ours, and asked me to come up with a little trivia game -- the questions can be about "[a]nything fun and baby-related," though I think that small-child-related is fine, too. (Nursery-rhyme-related questions, for instance, are fine, but the old "Ring Around the Rosey" / plague connection item seems likely to be a myth.) Any suggestions?

Please post questions together with links to pages containing the answers, if you have a link; that way, other readers will have fun guessing, and both the readers and I will have verification that the answers are accurate. If you have a paper source but not a link, please include the answer and a citation to the source. Comments casting doubt on the accuracy of an earlier answer, or suggesting a more precise formulation for the question, are perfectly fair game. I like my trivia games to be well-vetted . . . .

NickM (mail) (www):
Questions on the meaning of baby names will probably be easy to create - I imagine your wife probably already has a book that can be used as reference material.

4.24.2006 4:36pm
A. Nonymous (mail):
Here's wikipedia on baby showers

It failed to answer the question I had (why is it called a "shower"?) but did raise another interesting one.

Not all Americans hold baby showers. For example, in Jewish tradition, nothing may be bought for the baby before it is born. But many American Jews today do not subscribe to that tradition.

Is it true that "in Jewish tradition, nothing may be bought for the baby before it is born"? Can anyone field this one?
4.24.2006 4:48pm
Goobermunch (mail):
What nursery rhyme was originally a coded message used to recruit pirates?

Answer: "Sing a song of sixpence."

4.24.2006 5:10pm
An exhibit I once saw at the National Museum of American History (part of the Smithsonian) stated that pink used to be a boy's color because it was strong, while girls wore baby blue because of its delicacy. This changed sometime after the 1920s when the colors took on opposite meanings, though I don't know why.

I did a quick Google search on "color males pink" and found this Wikipedia article on the color pink that says the same thing (about half way down).

So perhaps a question about what color was considered strong and masculine in the early 1900s?
4.24.2006 5:13pm
Okay, apparently I don't know what "link" means...

Here is a link to a site with better citations about the color and gender:
4.24.2006 5:19pm
MatthewD (mail) (www):
This site has tons of nursery rhyme trivia, including the crime drama that became Little Jack Horner.
4.24.2006 5:26pm
Hovsep Joseph (mail) (www):
It failed to answer the question I had (why is it called a "shower"?)

Eymonline: "Meaning "large number of gifts bestowed on a bride" (1904, Amer.Eng. colloquial) later was extended to the party at which it happens (1926)."
4.24.2006 5:29pm
Thief (mail) (www):
Heard this on a Discovery channel special... seemed kinda eerie.

When Ghengis Khan was born in 1162 in Mongolia, there was an omen at his birth that signified he was going to be a great warrior. What was it?
Answer Here

Hey, you asked for "baby-related," and even Ghengis Khan was a baby once...
4.24.2006 5:31pm
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
According to Turkish tradition, a pregnant woman is epxected to avoid doing all but which of the following?

Chewing gum
Looking at camels
Attending funerals
Looking at the moon
4.24.2006 5:45pm
DNL (mail):
In re: Jewish tradition, my wife and I followed it and specifically requested that well-wishers not send gifts until after our son was born. If that is confirmation, so be it :)
4.24.2006 5:49pm
Freddy Hill (mail):
You can always try the Guinness Book of World records for facts such as the heaviest baby ever born or the age of the youngest child to travel all seven continents, including Antartica.
4.24.2006 6:06pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):

Is it true that "in Jewish tradition, nothing may be bought for the baby before it is born"? Can anyone field this one?

Absolutely. I had to keep the door to the nursery closed when my parents came to visit me and my pregnant wife so my father wouldn't see the assembled crib inside. We are Jewish and don't subscribe to that tradition -- although we did make a conscience decision to break the tradition.
4.24.2006 6:06pm
tefta (mail):
It's not only Jews who don't buy baby stuff until the child is born. My Catholic mother-in-law whose family came from Naples had the same idea. We shopped for the layette and baby furniture and had it delivered after the birth.
4.24.2006 6:19pm
The Joker:
What's funnier than a dead baby?

A dead baby in a clown suit.

What's funnier than a dead baby in a clown suit?

A dead midget baby in a clown suit.
4.24.2006 6:25pm
El (mail):
How about maching celebrities with their son/daugther baby names? Divide the guess into groups and give them two lists, one with baby names other with celebrity names.

For example: Who named their daughter "Suri"?
Who named their daughter "Apple"?

Of course after the groups reveal their answers feel free to discuss why in the hell they name them that!
4.24.2006 6:28pm
Paul Johnson (mail):
The "sixpence" page at Snopes is fake. See:

If you see a Snopes URL that includes the word "lost" in the address, it's from their The Repository of Lost Legends (or TROLL) pages, meaning they made it up.
4.24.2006 6:31pm
Paul Johnson (mail):
That link is:

Don't know what happened.
4.24.2006 6:32pm
Sean Sirrine (mail) (www):
1. Which of the following is NOT one of a newborn's natural reflexes?
Grasping a finger tightly
Imitating sounds
Spreading toes when soles of feet are stroked
Attempting to swim when placed in water
I don't know

2. At what age do infants show a preference for their mother's face?
2 weeks
4 weeks
6 weeks
I don't know

3. At birth, what size is a baby's head?
Half the size of the body
One-third the size of the body
One-quarter the size of the body
One-sixth the size of the body
I don't know

4. Which is the first sense to be fully developed?
I don't know

5. In which order does physical development normally occur?
Top to bottom (head to feet)
Bottom to top (feet to head)
Middle (trunk), head, feet
In no order
I don't know

6. When do most babies begin smiling in a social way?
Immediately after birth
Between birth and 4 weeks
4 to 8 weeks
9 to 12 weeks
I don't know

7. At approximately what age do babies begin to identify word sounds with specific objects?
4 months
7 months
11 months
14 months
I don't know

8. What percentage of a baby's brain nerve cell connections is made in the first two weeks after birth?
I don't know

9. What is the change in size of a baby's brain from birth to 2 years old?
From 10% to 40% the size of the adult brain
From 25% to 50% the size of the adult brain
From 25% to 75% the size of the adult brain
From 50% to 90% the size of the adult brain
I don't know

10. At what age can children differentiate between their mother's language and a foreign language?
At birth
3-6 months
7-10 months
11-14 months
I don't know

4.24.2006 6:50pm
Sean Sirrine (mail) (www):
The heaviest baby at birth weighed
16 pounds
18 pounds
20 pounds
24 pounds
28 pounds

The water (amniotic fluid) surrounding the baby
is made by the bag of water
comes from the mom's abdomen
is made by the placenta
is mostly baby urine
appears by magic

The oldest mother on record was

43 years old
53 years old
63 years old
73 years old
83 years old

The lightest baby at birth weighed
170 grams (6 ounces)
270 grams (10 ounces)
370 grams (13 ounces)
470 grams (1 pound 1 ounce)
570 grams (1 pound 4 ounce)

The most surviving births from a multiple gestation is


4.24.2006 6:52pm
Frank Drackmann (mail):
At what point in fetal development does the heart start to beat??
a: 4wks
b: 14 wks
C: 24 wks
d: 28 wks
4.24.2006 7:00pm
Sean Sirrine (mail) (www):
The youngest mother was how old? (hint: younger than 8)

What is the shortest interval (in days) between seperate births? (hint: less than 7 months)

What is the longest interval (in years) between births? (hint: more than 40!)

What is the highest officially recorded number of children born to one mother? (hint: more than 60)

4.24.2006 7:11pm
steve k:
Following El's suggestion, match the baby's name to the celebrity parent:

1. Apple
2. Suri
3. Pilot Inspektor
4. Banjo
5. Moxie Crimefighter
6. Fuschia
7. Phinnaeus

A. Jason Lee
B. Julia Roberts
C. Penn Jillette
D. Gwyneth Paltrow
E. Sting (not his given name)
F. Rachel Griffiths
G. Tom Cruise

Answers: 1-D,2-G,3-A,4-F,5-C,6-E,7-B

You could Google these pairs separately, but at least one page lists them all:
4.24.2006 7:23pm
Silicon Valley Jim:
This one is probably too easy, but:

Which rock musician/bandleader/composer named a daughter Moon Unit and a son Dweezil? (Hint: It's not Elton John).
4.24.2006 8:28pm
Frank Drackmann (mail):
Frank Zappa
4.24.2006 9:20pm
gonerill (mail):
What did the Very Hungry Caterpillar eat on Saturday?
4.24.2006 10:46pm
Matt Barr: In honor of April 24, you might at "Deny the Armenian Genocide" as another misleading multiple choice answer.
4.24.2006 11:38pm
What founder of a major religion was supposedly born with white hair and a full beard?

4.25.2006 1:21am
gonerill (mail):
4.25.2006 1:35am
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
1. How many hours can you expect to sleep per night in the first month after birth?

a. Four
b. Two
c. One

2. If the baby has colic, you will next sleep

a. At 2 AM the night after birth
b. Two days after birth
c. 90 days after birth, give or take thiry

3. Psychosis from lack of sleep generally begins

a. After five days of sleeplessness
b. After ten days of sleeplessness
c. About halfway thru the colic

4. You are changing a boy baby and he suddenly smiles. This tells you

a. He is very happy
b. He has learned how to attract your attention
c. He knows you are now within range of his urinary stream
4.25.2006 3:05am
1) How much does it cost to raise a child from birth to age 18?
a) a lot
b) a whole lot
c) more than you can imagine
The answer, found here depends on how much money you make, but ranges up to $250k.

2) Everyone knows that taking care of a newborn is exhausting. How many times does the average couple have sex in the two/three/six [pick a number] weeks/months/years [pick a timeframe] after the baby comes home?
a. 0
b. zero
c. none
d. nada
e. zilch
f. sex? what's that?
g. - z. are limited only by your ability to come up with similar answers
4.25.2006 8:08am
Baby Names (mail):
How about asking which names are popular where in the country -- or other name trivia --

What percentage of babies are given names in the top 1000 every year?

What percentage of celebrity babies are given names in the top 1000?

(hint -- these two percentages are the same)
4.25.2006 11:41am
Larry Abraham (mail):
The Jewish tradition of not having baby stuff in the house before the baby's born -- I don't know whether it's a Sephardic tradition as well as an Ashkenazic one -- comes from the folk belief in the evil eye: why let it see that a child is expected and give it the chance to do evil. This can extend after the birth as well. In my fiancee's family, a comment on the cuteness of her niece or nephew is often met with a "poo-poo" or a knock on the table. I think my parents were less than completely compliant with this doctrine, which may explain a lot.
4.25.2006 11:51am
Allen Asch (mail) (www):
I've uploaded a trivia page I put together for a baby shower a few years ago to this link: Famous Moms and Daughters

Hope that helps

Allen Asch
4.25.2006 12:22pm
Allen Asch (mail) (www):
OOPS, there were some moms and sons on that list too...
4.25.2006 12:24pm
Michael Kleber (mail):
Everyone knows that a cub is a baby that grows up to be a lion. What animals do these other babies grow up to be?

(and so on.)

List of animal baby names abound; the examples here are drawn from this one at
4.25.2006 5:00pm
Gil Milbauer (mail) (www):
Either the guests will read these comments and know the answers, or they're not worth inviting!
4.25.2006 5:16pm
Hattio (mail):
And I always a thought a baby cub grew up to be a Grizzly.
4.25.2006 5:55pm