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You Can Fool Some of the People...:

My puzzle in today's Times should be right up a lot of Volokh readers' alleys. You'll learn some interesting pieces of trivia (and shed some light on the title of this post).

Raphael Laufer (mail):
As I was solving the puzzle today, I was thinking to myself, that the quotes weren't really quotes. Thanks for helping to set the record straight.
4.25.2006 2:24pm
S. Keith (mail):
Fun one. I got 33-across very early and figured out where it was going long before I got all the letters in 50 and 62. Well worth a buck, thanks. ;)

Why doesn't the Times credit the puzzle's author the way the New York Sun does?
4.25.2006 5:00pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
S. Keith,
I'm not sure if you meant that the Times should credit the author at all or more than it currently does. A lot of people seem to think there is no author credit, when, in fact there is (in small font under the grid). As to why it's in a small font, and at the bottom, I have no idea.

For those of you who did solve it, I chose the subject line of today's post because apparently that quote, too (as attributed to Lincoln) is apocryphal.
4.25.2006 5:20pm
Rich K (mail):
I was looking for a "Luke, I am your father" in there. (I suppose that's splitting hairs, ok ok.)

For the record, the online version of the puzzle puts the author's name in a decent font at the top of the puzzle.
4.25.2006 6:00pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
"Luke, I am your father" was on my list. As were "Just the facts, ma'am" and "Me Tarzan, you Jane." I welcome hearing about any others that people know of.
4.25.2006 6:18pm
Mark H.:
Yes, I spent the buck too S. Keith and it so happened I had watched the DVD of 33-across yesterday, so it filled in very easily :-)
4.25.2006 6:41pm
december (mail):
Good job, Kevin. I hadn't noticed your name when I did the puzzle. It's almost like knowing the author.
4.25.2006 7:53pm