Bloggers-Meet-Readers on Thursday, April 27, 9 pm, in Cambridge:

A bunch of bloggers, including some of us Conspirators, will be in Cambridge for a Harvard Law School Berkman Center conference on blogging and legal scholarship this Thursday and Friday (April 27 and 28), and we plan to hang out at the Zephyr Lounge in the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, 575 Memorial Drive -- that's the hotel at which we'll be staying -- from 9 pm or so to about 11 pm.

If you're around that evening and would like to join us, please do come by. So far, it looks like these bloggers are on for that evening:

Douglas Berman, Sentencing Law and Policy
Gail Heriot, The Right Coast
Jim Lindgren, The Volokh Conspiracy
Christine Hurt, Conglomerate
Paul Butler, BlackProf
Michael Froomkin, Discourse.Net
Gordon Smith, Conglomerate
Betsy Malloy, Health Law Prof Blog
Randy Barnett, The Volokh Conspiracy
Orin Kerr, The Volokh Conspiracy and
Howard Bashman, How Appealing
Dan Solove, Concurring Opinions
Ann Althouse, Althouse
Eric Goldman, Technology & Marketing Law Blog
Larry Ribstein, Ideoblog
Peter Lattman, Wall Street Journal's Law Blog
Paul Caron, Taxprof
Larry Solum, Legal Theory Blog
Ellen Podgor, White Collar Crime Prof Blog

But is meeting readers scholarship?
4.25.2006 9:26pm
gerry (mail):
No drinking, I hope.
4.25.2006 9:43pm
Solomon (mail) (www):
Some of us are having a blogger meetup (2nd one) over at BU that evening. We may just end up storming the Cambridge beaches later and crash your party.
4.25.2006 10:49pm
Katherine (mail):
what, no revolving restaurant? ;)

I actually applaud your taste on that bit (I used to live ten minutes from that Hyatt), but it's sort of too bad you guys picked that one--I'm in the Boston area but the combination of too late and too inaccessible to public transportation means that I'd miss the last train back to the burbs. Oh well. A smaller turnout might make it more fun for those who do attend.
4.26.2006 2:37am
Gavin Peters (mail):
For folks taking public transit to the Hyatt, your best bet is to take the Green line Boston College to the BU Central stop, and continue along Com Ave to the BU bridge.

This will get you to the Hyatt in around five minutes from a subway stop. As for the commuter rail, most lines have last trains well after 11pm, and the Hyatt has a taxi stand.

Katherine, if you do come, I'll pick up a drink for you!

As for me, I live a two minute walk away, and I'll see if my wife and newborn baby can spare me for an hour or two tonight.
4.27.2006 12:55pm