Old News:
The New York Times has an interesting report on a live performance of the John Cage work, "As Slowly As Possible" at a church in Germany. The Times is late, though: the Wall Street Journal covered the exact same performance three years ago.
reneviht (mail) (www):
Considering the duration of the piece, it's still "breaking news."
5.5.2006 8:54pm
student (mail):
Any one who follows trends in New York knows that when the Times covers something it means it is about to hit a decline. As this performance is supposed to last another 639 years I hope the Times curse will not adversly effect it.
5.5.2006 9:12pm
Marcus1 (mail) (www):
Reneviht has a point :) I actually remember hearing about this when I was in music school, which would have been before 2002... music geeks get pretty excited over this kind of thing, another big hit having been Cage's 4'33".
5.5.2006 9:21pm
Andy (mail) (www):
I wonder if as an encore, the church might consider a performance of LaMonte Young's "Composition #7" (B-F#, "to be held a long time")...
5.6.2006 2:02am
The Times late? Not by enough to be even noticable.
5.6.2006 11:45pm