Off to Argentina:

Fleeing from the hordes of rampaging federal judges angered by my suggestion that their salaries don't need to be raised, I am leaving for Argentina on Sunday. Blogging will be light (and possibly nonexistent) for the next 2 weeks.

However, for South American VC readers (perhaps there are at least a few!), I will be speaking at the Torcuato di Tella University law school in Buenos Aires on May 16 (5 PM) on judicial power and democracy and at the Latin American and Carribean Law and Economics Conference on May 19 (same location, 10:20 AM) on rational political ignorance. All are welcome to come! My presentations will be in English. The story of my academic career is that I only get invited to speak in those foreign countries where I don't know the local language.

Tom952 (mail):
Just say "I am a filthy rich Russian Oil Barron" in badly accented english. The Buenos Aires beauties are legendary. Adios!
5.13.2006 12:27am
Kevin L. Connors (mail) (www):
With apologies to Tim Rice:

Don't cry for me-e-e-e, Volokhistas.
The truth is, I'm still not off-line.
I'll still keep blogging,
though it might be light.
If you don't see me,
please don't stop linking.
If you give us up,
what are you thinking?

Wishing you a pleasurable and safe trip -- Kevin
5.13.2006 1:49am
Ambrose (mail):
Perhaps you mean that you are invited to countries where you do not think you know the local language.
5.13.2006 8:08am
Frank Drackmann (mail):
Can you check and see if the toilets really do flush in the opposite direction?
5.13.2006 9:30am
lee (mail):
Why won't this one(rotation of toilets) die! The Coriolis effect is only effective on large air masses. On small bodies of water it is the geometry of the container, direction the water flows in etc. I just checked my toilet and my wash basin, they rotate oppositely. So unless the equator lies between them...
5.13.2006 12:49pm
Frank Drackmann (mail):
After I've used a toilet, theres definately a large mass involved.
5.13.2006 1:42pm
Ramiro (mail) (www):
I'll certainly try to be there!!!! I'm a big fan of the VC and it's going to be great to have you here. Buenos Aires is beautifull this days, i'm sure you'll enjoy this city very much. "Sadly", for the 19th conference I'll be in Barcelona... Greetings.
5.14.2006 7:06pm
Stephen M (Ethesis) (www):
If there wasn't such a long line of people who want to become federal judges ... starting with most state judges.

Though being a federal judge can jumpstart someone's professional life, which is the other reason some people leave being a judge and return to private practice.

Hope you have a great trip.
5.14.2006 9:44pm