Suggestions for More Congressional Hearings:
News that the House Judiciary Committee is planning a hearing, "RECKLESS JUSTICE: Did the Saturday Night Raid of Congress Trample the Constitution?", makes me think that VC readers probably have some suggestions for other hearings that the House of Representatives could hold.

  For example here's an idea: "I BEG YOUR PARDON: Celebrating the vital role of Presidential pardons when members of Congress get into a wee bit of trouble with the law." Or how about this one: "JOB INSECURITY IN AMERICA: Do we really need to be reelected every two years, or can we be appointed for life like the Judges?"

  More suggestions welcome in the comment thread.
Brian Frye (mail) (www):
Hmm. How about "SHOW ME THE MONEY: How much pork is *your* vote worth?"
5.24.2006 9:23pm
anon295641 (mail):
"WARRANTS: Not good enough for us, too good for you."

Speaking of which, news reports have described this as an executive infringement on Congress but, since there was a warrant issued, wouldn't this be both branches acting against Congress? Any thoughts on the legality of the search? Is there an congressional decision process privilege similar to the one the executives have? Is these a judicial decision making process privilege?
5.24.2006 9:31pm
Brett Bellmore (mail):
POVERTY IN AMERICA: The role of bribery as an essential component of the Congressional compensation package.

I suspect that's how Hastert views it: They're entitled to get a bit on the side, since political realities won't let them pay themselves what they think they're worth.
5.24.2006 9:37pm
Instead of Gentleman and Gentle Lady, why can't we simplify things and be referred to as "Your Highness"? Works for both genders. Simplifies things. And recognizes us for who we truly are: Lofty, rare, elevated creatures far above the rabble of ordinary Americans.
5.24.2006 9:38pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
GUARDING THE GATES: Strengthening pro-incumbency rules to ensure the stability of our glorious democratically elected leadership - "lest the people do something stupid."
5.24.2006 9:49pm
M. Lederman (mail):
"FISA, SCHMISA: Does the NSA's Warrantless Surveillance Program Filter Out Area Code 202 Calls That Begin With the Prefixes 224 and 225?"
5.24.2006 10:11pm
aslanfan (mail):
RADICAL UNANIMITY: How our extremist Chief Justice is using unanimity as a smokescreen for his radical agenda to undo the New Deal.
5.24.2006 10:12pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Hearings on S.204, the Bipartisan Congressional Immunity Act.
5.24.2006 10:17pm
GregHH (mail):
"REIGNING IN RAMPANT SPEECH": After realizing that Congressmen are in campaign mode all year, not just the last 60 days before an election, we propose McCain-Feingold ver.VI, which criminalizes criticism of members of Congress whenever it occurs, but only when such criticism is in print or spoken aloud.
5.24.2006 10:22pm
Kirsten (www):
"HOW TO LOSE A CONGRESSIONAL MAJORITY WITHOUT REALLY TRYING." Helpful tips to boost your level of stupid.
5.24.2006 10:29pm
Gonzo (mail):
JUST LIKE SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! Turning a democratic republic into real life political parody in three easy steps. (Now with more cowbell!).
5.24.2006 10:38pm
Fernie (mail):
Hopefully, some of them will be taking jobs as glue tasters in a duct tape factory after November.
5.24.2006 10:40pm
XWL (www):
I modestly propose Terminal Limits for Federal Elected Officials.

Surely those in Congress are in the best position to see the wisdom of such a proposal.
5.24.2006 10:49pm
Dan Riehl (mail) (www):
DC REAL ESTATE - How to sell your House and become a millionaire.

JUDICIAL RESTRAINT: Leather and Lace with RB Ginsburg and SD O'Conner. If Clinton can get away with it, why not us?

ELECTIONS: Democracy in Action, or Unnecessary and Damned Inconvenient?
5.24.2006 10:52pm
GregHH (mail):
I HEAR PARIS IS LOVELY THIS TIME OF YEAR: How moving the Capitol to somewhere in Europe, where members can enjoy diplomatic immunity for anything they do, will help save the US Government money in the long term
5.24.2006 11:01pm
RJ Elliott (mail) (www):
How To Maintain Job Security In An Age Of Unchecked Illegal Immigration And Offshoring
5.24.2006 11:10pm

The Evolution of Asset Freezing -- From Judicial order to Legislative Privilege.
5.24.2006 11:33pm
Rob Mandel (mail) (www):
CONGRESSIONAL HUBRIS: How far can Congress go thinking the American people are idiots.


RICH LITTLE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: How well can Republicans impersonate Democrats
5.24.2006 11:42pm
Franklinstein (mail):
5.24.2006 11:49pm
Tom952 (mail):
Without a doubt, some reefer found a new home in the last two days.
5.25.2006 12:14am
Lostingotham (mail):
UNAMERICAN FRUGALITY: Did the outcry over the Bridge to Nowhere undermine national security?
5.25.2006 12:35am
Joel Mackey (mail):
I would like to see a hearing on why tax cuts require a new vote to continue, but pay raises require a new vote to discontinue... the bias seems inverted imho....
5.25.2006 12:43am
CEASEFIRE IN CULTURE WARS?: Employing Constitutional Law in Bipartisan Reassessment of Knee-Jerk Opposition to Culture of Corruption.

CHECKS OR BALANCES: Either's fine, we also take Cash.
5.25.2006 12:43am
Joel Mackey (mail):
I would also like to see hearings on price gouging. Namely, why "deregulated" electrical utilities in Texas were allowed to raise thier prices by 25% even after natural gas prices dropped 50%, that price being thier "justification" for raising electic utility prices in the first place.
5.25.2006 12:51am
Joel Mackey (mail):
I would also like to see hearings on obscene profit windfalls. Specifically the obscene profit windfalls that certain congress people and thier families experience after a few years in office, profits which far outpace (in percentage terms) those of corporate CEO's.
5.25.2006 1:04am
Jim Hu:
Hmm...something tells me Orin and Eugene are not going to be called as expert witnesses for this about:

STUPID AND EVIL: Lessons in bipartisan consensus building
5.25.2006 1:06am
How about:
"President Bush: Should we just give him 436 votes in the House and 101 votes in the Senate and stop fussing?"
5.25.2006 1:12am
The Anti-Medis (mail):
GAMING THE FUTURE: Messing up in precisely those ways to push McCain to the fore in case Hillary runs.
5.25.2006 1:30am
Average Joe (mail):
MCCAIN-FEINGOLD II: Can political campaigns that challenge incumbents be regulated or banned as hate speech?
5.25.2006 1:51am
Kiril, The Cycling Dude (mail) (www):
How about finding out just how many members of the Congressional Bicycle Caucus have ever actually ridden a Bicycle even once in their life, and if not then why are they members of the Caucas in the 1st place?

A related question for those who HAVE put pedal to pavement: Can you change a Tire?
5.25.2006 2:09am
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
A related question for those who HAVE put pedal to pavement: Can you change a Tire?

I think they have Legislative Aides for that sort of thing. The time of a legislator is too valuable to waste.
5.25.2006 2:56am
Armen (mail) (www):
"Running for Congress as an Enemy Military Tactic"

"Suggested Revisions to Academic Legal Writing: How to Properly Execute a Search Warrant"
5.25.2006 3:04am
GregHH (mail):
ALL WE ASK IS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD: When the executive asks for a warrant and the judiciary grants it against the legislature, isn't that two against one? And isn't two against one really unfair? I mean, about as unfair as you can get? Aren't we, as Americans, a fair people? And isn't it our duty in Congress, as Americans who are fair, and as representatives who represent Americans who want us to be fair, isn't it our duty to legislate against all this unfairness? As Americans? We think that it is. Our duty. To stop the unfairness.
God Bless you all and God Bless the United States.
5.25.2006 3:24am
Kevin Murphy:
STUPID, EVIL, OR BOTH?: The role of bipartisanship in America.

An actual hearing I'd like to see: A constitutional amendment banning the gerrymander.
5.25.2006 3:47am
Kiril, The Cycling Dude (mail) (www):
RE: I think they have Legislative Aides for that sort of thing. The time of a legislator is too valuable to waste.

Hee, Hee. ;-D

BTW, I only sort of meant my initial comment as a joke.:-D

How many of you, especially if you are a Bicyclist, are even aware that the there IS a Congressional Bicycle Caucus, or that your Rep may, or may not, be a member?
5.25.2006 4:18am
CUE SLICK JESTERS: Dishonor deft disgrace! Trample the Constitution Saturday Night!
5.25.2006 4:18am
Uluru (mail):
FUTURE INTERESTS: Keeping Congre$$ional pen$ion$ $afe from any pe$ky balanced-budget amendment$ (Instructor:

LAW OF THE SEA AND ADMIRALTY LAW: If you, your intern, and three pages are doin' it on a boat, what rules of Congress apply?

JEFFERSONIAN DEMOCRACY: How to pick a district so safe you can hold cold hard cash and not even worry about the election!
5.25.2006 4:24am
Curly Smith (mail):
How a Bill Becomes Law (updated for 2006): Cash is so 20th Century

Pork - The Other White Collar Crime: Why Ken Lay is headed to prison for embezzlement and we're honorable public servants
5.25.2006 9:02am
Congressional hearing for next week:
5.25.2006 9:14am
BEYOND THE ICEBOX - What locations are least likely to be searched by the FBI?


OH NO! THE APPEARANCE OF CORRUPTION! - Should revelations of Congressional corruption be criminalized? (Please note: testimony concerning the "First Amendment" is ruled irrelevant and out of order in advance of this hearing. See McConnell v. FEC).
5.25.2006 9:48am
GregHH (mail):
I vote for aslanfan as funniest
5.25.2006 10:40am
Curly Smith (mail):
WAS DARWIN RIGHT? Congress -- Evolution of the Specious, Survival of the Fibbest

A MATTER OF PUBLIC INTEGRITY: Are Ethics Committees Ethical?
5.25.2006 10:46am
A. Nonymous (mail):
To those who push the "Two branches vs. one" idea, would you then support efforts if Congress passed a law requiring the executive (which through its General Services Administration runs and/or owns most courthouses) to install cameras in the chambers of judges for security as they do in the halls of courthouses?

After all, it is two branches against one, right?

Sorry, but history is full of cases in which the Crown ransacked the Parliament for its own ends and the House of Reps as a direct progeny of the House of Commons has every right to at least QUESTION the matter.

I am not saying that Bush ransacked Congress. What I am saying is that it is not unreasonable given constitutional and parliamentary history to at least take a close look and a one day hearing.
5.25.2006 11:13am
GM Roper (www):
Feet of Clay Hearings: The House will look into accusations that Members of Congress have Feet of Clay. Call geologists and biologists as witnesses with a square inch of skin taken from the most tender part of the sole of each member of congress then analyzed. Results to be published in congressional record and Science magazine for future research.
5.25.2006 11:18am
Not a lawyer, but ...:
IF INCUMBENTS LOSE, DO THE TERRORISTS WIN? -- Striking the proper balance in the Never-Ending War on Terrorism.
5.25.2006 12:03pm
STUCK ON STUPID: How to blow more opportunities than Paris Hilton.
5.25.2006 1:22pm
NickM (mail) (www):
The Meaning of the Constitution [note that only Members of Congress will testify]

5.25.2006 1:47pm
Thief (mail) (www):
REMOVE THE LOG FROM YOUR OWN EYE FIRST: Why Congress needs to quit bitching about the "Imperial Presidency" until they pull their heads out of their asses and actually do something besides hold press conferences, piss away taxpayer money, assert nonexistent immunities, and diddle interns.
5.25.2006 2:29pm
thegreatsatan (mail) (www):
You know, this looks like a perfect job for the Motivator

Imaginary Constitutional Privilege: Warrants, we don't heed no stinking warrants.
5.25.2006 6:23pm
Kat (mail) (www):
GETTING TO THE HEART OF WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO AMERICANS: Why we need to take another televised look at the abuse of steroids in baseball, rather than wasting our time with unimportant matters like the bribery of public officials.
5.25.2006 10:25pm