My Favorite Suggestion for More Congressional Hearings,

from an anonymous comment to Orin's post below:

WARRANTS: Not good enough for us, too good for you.

Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
Maybe the NSA should compile a database of Congressional phone calls.
5.25.2006 6:38am
Patrick Albanese (mail):
AMERICAN IDLE: How to get less done in more time and keep your righteous indignation intact.
5.25.2006 9:14am
M. Simon (mail) (www):
The Drunk Driving Menace: Not Just for Congress Any More.

Does Freezing Money Extend Its Shelf Life?

Cooking With Money: Is it microwave safe?

Getting Drugs Out of Baseball: What can prisions teach us?

Getting Drugs Out of Congressmen: What can prisions teach us?

Freezer Burn: How to Avoid the FBI.

Turnning Bribery into Campaign Contributions: Congressional Secrets Revealed.

Congress - We Don't Accept American Express, Cash Will Do Nicely

Money Wrapping: Proper Folding of Tinfoil for Reuse as a Hat.

What to Do When the Nigerian Comission Does Not Materialize.

Secret Hearing For Congress People Only: The Best Congress Money Can Buy and How to Get Your Share.

Constituent Services - How to Develop a Proper Price List
5.25.2006 12:59pm
Doug Sundseth (mail):
Much as it pains me, I have to report a mis-"prision" here. And I'm pretty sure it was related to a felony.

5.25.2006 1:43pm
Seen on a bumper sticker in the San Francisco Mission district yesterday:

"Grow your own dope! Plant a politician."
5.25.2006 2:56pm