Pulp Covers for the Iliad, Alice in Wonderland, and More,

in Slate. Very funny.

But are they fair?
5.25.2006 6:50pm
5.25.2006 8:06pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
I recall some ideas along those lines years ago...

Reissue Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as "A beautiful, innocent young girl falls into the hands of seven warped old men, each with a different strange desire. Why had these outcasts been forced to live alone in the forest? What was the secret of their strange chant? What fate awaits a girl forced into virtual slavery in their underground dungeon?"
5.25.2006 8:26pm
Volokh Groupie:
They're good, but the Alice In Wonderland cover wrongly expostulates the Lewis Carroll-drug myth.
5.25.2006 10:20pm
Well, if you want to get that critical, the Jane Eyre cover shows her as far too attractive.
5.25.2006 10:39pm
The "Illiad" cover was by far the best. And the most accurate.

I thought all the covers were funny except the "Animal Farm": It is so far removed from anything that happend in the book that it really just uses the title. Cheetahs don't live on farms, so far as I can tell. I mean, where are the pigs?

You can't have "Animal Farm" without the pigs. It's like Proust without the cookie.
5.26.2006 7:53am
Tracy W (mail):
There is a real pulp cover, published in 1965, for Jane Austen's "Northanger Abbey".
5.26.2006 4:04pm
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
Someone should do pulp mastheads for blogs.
5.27.2006 9:00am