Federal Bench Trial Acquittal / Jury Trial Acquittal Study Hits the Media:

Linda Seebach of the Rocky Mountain News heard about the study from Andy Leipold's posts on the subject, and wrote it up in this article. She even includes the URL for those who want to look at the whole piece, a nice touch that I wish I saw in more print publications. I'm delighted that she found Andy's work as noteworthy and interesting as I did.

Anyone know if a similar study has been done with regard to civil trials?
7.24.2006 4:54pm
Steve Lubet (mail):
Andy's outstanding study will be the subject of my september column in the American Lawyer Magazine.
7.24.2006 5:23pm
Jon Katz (mail) (www):
Thanks for your blog's coverage of this issue. I have covered it in today's Underdog blog, which includes the correct URL of the study (the newspaper article has a space that must be closed before reaching the study):

Take care. Jon

Jon Katz
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Underdog Defense Blog:
7.25.2006 7:50am
lindaseebach (mail):
Sorry about the space! If a URL is long enough to require a line break in print, and many of them are, we face the unpleasant dilemma of a spurious hyphen in the print edition or a spurious space on the web. Hyphens are more seriously ambiguous, because they could be real (hard), while spaces are always an error.

And besides, people can call me up and ask, as Jon did. Thanks for the link, guys.
7.25.2006 11:15am