African Genocide and Gun Bans:

That's the topic of my new article in America's First Freedom (one of the magazines for NRA members). Using information gathered by the International Crisis Group and Sudan Update, the article details the Khartoum government's confiscation of guns from the Darfuris, and arming of the Arab janjaweed. The article also reports on the four Darfuri girls from a refugee camp who have been arrested for murder because they stabbed a soldier who was trying to rape them. Finally, the article notes how successfully the United Nations is promoting Sudan-style gun control all over sub-Saharan Africa.

Kevin P. (mail):
There are several typos and some good proofreading is needed.


The current regime took power in a military coup in 1989, and immediately began imposing Islamic law throughout the country, and perpetrating genocide. only about 40 percent of Sudan's population.

[DK: Thanks. I found and fixed at least a few of the typos, in response to your post. The fault is mine, not the magazine's. What I posted was my own file, and not the magazine's final published PDF version, which I'll put on my webiste once I get a copy.]
7.24.2006 10:54pm
Stamboulieh (mail):
Professor Kopel,

I look forward to seeing this in 1st Freedom!

Keep up the good work.

7.24.2006 11:01pm
Closet Libertarian (www):
I just started reading it on the train this morning. Compelling so far. I do not yet belive the sweeping claims you make but I am starting to think the UN/left wants to disarm everyone except our enemies such as Hamas.
7.24.2006 11:25pm
Jello Biafra (the real DK):
Closet Libertarian:

I am starting to think the UN/left wants to disarm everyone except our enemies such as Hamas.

A truly brilliant observation.
7.24.2006 11:47pm
Christopher Cooke (mail):
Of course, if the Sudanese government disarmed everyone, including the Janjaweed, there wouldn't be any of these problems.
7.24.2006 11:58pm
Stamboulieh (mail):
It's impossible to disarm everyone. The law abiding are the ones that give up their arms first, simply because they obey the law.

Look at prisons. They aren't allowed to have weapons, yet there are still stabbings. They make weapons out of toothbrushes and other plastic utensils.

Arm everyone, and let the chips fall where they may.

7.25.2006 12:26am
Kevin L. Connors (mail) (www):
I was just wondering, Prof. Kopel, there were any organizations about in the world to actively counter this evil UN program, by promoting (say thru free or subsidized distribution) private gun owmership in the third world?

I would think that, in the US at least, the activities of such an organization would be illegal.
7.25.2006 1:19am
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
Better gun control could have prevented the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Darfur could use a few uprisings like that against the Janjaweed.
7.25.2006 1:31am
All of africa will be dead if they wait on the UN to help with AIDS or stop genocide. The UN is useless and I am glad. Just wish those who seem to depend on them would wise up before all is lost. Send some more peacekeepers so they can rape and stand by and watch murder and genocide occur while liberals around the world pat themselves on the back for such a good job they have done for humanity.
7.25.2006 1:34am
Clayton E. Cramer (mail) (www):
My wife read the article when America's First Freedom arrived, and she was very impressed. Unfortunately, what the UN's disarmament campaign comes out of is a combination of Third World totalitarianism and First World gun control delusionism. I don't believe that groups like the Brady Campaign in the U.S. or the Snowdrop Campaign in the U.K. want to cause genocides. They are just too clueless about the way that human beings work to realize that these are likely consequences.
7.25.2006 11:50am
Dan Hamilton:
As for the if they don't have guns people will not be killed.

Did you hear about a place called Rawanda(sp)?

I believe the weapon of choise was the axe and the machete. They killed lot and lots of people.

Of course they could always try knife control like England.

The weapon controlers are STUPID STUPID STUPID. They should be forced to put signs on their front lawns saying 'Gun free house' or 'Weapon Free Zone'.
7.25.2006 1:28pm
K Parker (mail):

Sure, I wouldn't want to accuse Brady et al of such a heinous thing.

On the other hand, isn't there a point along the continuum of visibility and influence where an organization's (or individual's) cluelessness does indeed become culpability? Or put another way, does the benefit of the doubt really have to last forever? In the face of any amount of evidence? I would hope not...
7.25.2006 3:00pm
J. F. Thomas (mail):
It sounds as though what you are advocating is eternal civil war. Your example of Sudan is a bad one on its face as your article demonstrates. You freely admit that Sudan's gun control law was a joke as it was selectively enforced only against those people the government didn't want to have guns while they ignored or even encouraged the accumulation of weapons by their allies.

Even the most determined "armed citizen" is going to have a tough time against a determined ruthless dictatorial regime that is bent on genocide or even suppressing minority rights. A powerful central government is almost inevitably going to be able to crush an armed minority, and the fiercer the resistance the more brutal the suppression will be. This has been the lesson of history throughout through time.

It is funny that many posters here seem to think that if the Jews in WWII had just a few more guns they would have been able to escape the gas chambers. If anything, the story of the holocaust demonstrates just the opposite. Where violent opposition to Nazi rule was the fiercest was where the civilian populations and Jewish populations in particular, suffered most severely. Many more jews were saved through passive resistance, bribery, diplomacy, and appealing to the German's peculiar sense of order and bureaucracy than were ever saved by violent resistence. Many Berlin jews targeted for transport to the east were saved by a peaceful protest outside the prison they were being held in prior to deportation and survived the war because of it.

While DK is literally up in arms about disarming Africans, does his displeasure extend to the Middle East? Does he also think that the problems in the Middle East could be solved by supplying more arms to civilians, so say the residents of southern Lebanon could defend themselves against Hizbellah or the Palestinians could get rid of Hamas? Certainly, the fact that practically every household in Iraq had an AK-47 did not prevent Saddam Hussein from ruling for 30 years nor has it contributed to stability since the invasion.
7.25.2006 3:22pm
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
The uprising, says Wikipedia, "was a choice to die fighting, with a slight hope of escape, rather than a sure death in a concentration camp, with the moment to fight being chosen as the last moment when the strength to fight was still available."

Sometimes citizen resistance movements can get pretty big. Especially when gun seizure attempts fail.
7.26.2006 4:36am
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
It sounds as though what you are advocating is eternal civil war.

It seems that the Janjaweed have already declared eternal war. I for one suggest that somebody fight back if at all possible.
7.26.2006 4:42am