Thanks to Glenn Wright Bowen for the pointer.

The Domesday Book... is that the sequel to The Da Vinci Code?
8.9.2006 3:26am
Boy, I sure hope they got copyright permission for that.
8.9.2006 12:12pm
do'h! you have to pay by the page to actually see it.
8.9.2006 1:49pm
Still Learning:
Orin, that's not funny! People are trying to claim copyrights in old public domain material all the time. Art museums claim copyrights in their paintings. Corbis and Getty claim copyrights on their images (which are well out of copyright protection).

Harper's magazine published an 1800s Thomas Nast cartoon a few months ago which said it was copyrighted (I think by Corbis). They are trying to fool the public into thinking they own the rights. And I'd bet their license agreement requires users to include a bogus copyright claim. Too bad there's not a penalty for false copyright claim like there is for false patent claim.
8.9.2006 3:15pm