Sunday Song Lyric:
The debut album of Panic! at the Disco, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, is filled with clever, catchy, hook-filled songs -- and great song titles (e.g. "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage" and "London Beckoned Songs about Money Written by Machines"). Panic! reminds remind me a bit of the Housemartins with a touch Squirrel Nut Zippers and the storytelling of John Wesley Harding. Panic! is also somewhat reminiscent of their Vegas contemporaries, The Killers, albeit with less of an overtly '80s feel. Like The Killers, they've done well on MTV, as their video for "I Write Sins not Tragedies," has gotten them five VMA nominations, including one for video of the year.

Here's a taste of their lyrics from the track "Build God, Then We'll Talk":

It's these substandard motels on the corner of 4th and Freemont Street.
Appealing, only because they are just that un-appealing.
Any practiced catholic would cross themselves upon entering.
The rooms have a hint of asbestos and maybe a dash of formaldehyde,
and the habit of decomposing right before your very eyes.
(Along with the people inside.)

There are no raindrops on roses or girls in white dresses.
It's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses
at the shade of the sheets before all the stains
and a few more of your least favorite things.

Tonight tenants range from a lawyer and a virgin
Accessorizing with a rosary tucked inside her lingerie
(she's getting a job at the firm come Monday)
the Mrs. will stay with the cheating attorney,
moonlighting aside, she really needs his money.

Oh. What a wonderful caricature of intimacy.
JosephSlater (mail):
I enjoy the Sunday song lyric blog entries and appreciate you doing them. I hate to drag politics into this, because these threads are a bit of an oasis (not Oasis the band) from the partisan bickering on other threads, but you've made me curious. You listen to the Housemartins? I'm a huge fan of theirs (and of the Beautiful South, the later Paul Heaton band), but their politics aren't exactly, um, VC-esque ...
8.13.2006 5:55pm
Jonathan Adler (mail) (www):
I sometimes find the political messages expressed in songs to be interesting, and have made SSL selections on that basis at time, but I listen to lots of artists whose politics are far from my own.

8.13.2006 6:20pm
llamasex (mail) (www):
I got into this band before they hit it big by downloading the album because it was a really interesting band name. It's weird how your image of a band without seeing them can differ from what they are really like. I pictured them as sorta nerdy rock, but then I saw them on the Carson Daily show and they were completely emo'ed out. It actually turned me off to them a bit, as they looked like they were trying way to hard to be edgy. Its still a solid album.
8.13.2006 6:39pm
Ship Erect (mail) (www):
llamasex, from just hearing the name and a couple song titles, Panic! at the Disco looked exactly how I pictured them in my mind: angular haircuts over one eye, neckties, makeup, etc.

It was the music that was really bizarre to me--I finally watched one of their videos at after reading about them for months, and I thought they'd sound way more like the Faint or the Killers' Duran Duran-ness than the Squirrel Nut Zippers. JA's comparison is spot-on. And as the world's biggest Smiths fan, I think their name just invites bad comparisons to one of the best songs from the best band ever.
8.13.2006 8:17pm
Kristin (mail):
Interestingly enough, most (if not all) of the themes in Panic! at the Disco's songs are inspired by Chuck Palahniuk's books, particularly Invisible Monsters. In fact, the title of the song "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" is verbatim from his novel Survivor. Also, none of the band members are even old enough to drink legally...most of them were born in 1987 and I believe the oldest member is their replacement bassist, who is only 20.
8.14.2006 12:12pm
Howard257 (mail):
Hey--that's where I usually stay when I go down there on business!

Dayton, Nevada
8.14.2006 8:02pm