Debating the DTA Debate Redux:

Washington atorney David Remes and Ramesh Ponnuru rehash the debate over whether Senators Kyl and Graham, Justice Stevens, and others misrepresented the congressional debate over the Detainee Treatment Act on National Review Online.

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frankcross (mail):
This seems a little tiresome. I wouldn't accuse anyone of misrepresentation here. But Ponnuru's unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of the November Levin statements makes his position look dubious.
8.22.2006 2:54pm
Ponnuru's defense of the Kyl-Graham brief is silly. But I guess when he says, "The Kyl-Graham brief's language is potentially confusing," that is as close to an admission that the brief was deliberately misleading as we are going to get from him.

In general, having been stomped in the legislative history debate, Ponnuru now seems to be falling back on the argument that whatever the petitioners and Justice Stevens did must be worse, because the text is plainly against them. I'd actually say the exact opposite, but it doesn't much matter--I also take this shift in arguments as indicative that Ponnuru knows he has lost his legislative history debate.
8.22.2006 4:37pm
Your post has a misplaced modifying clause ("on National Review Online") that screams out for bloody murder. Good God man, get thee to a Bryan Garnery!
8.22.2006 5:39pm
A Commentator (mail):
Ponnuru is a slippery and often dishonest writer who is a little to partial to being vicious to his adversaries. But, on the Ann Coulter theory of marketing, I suppose that's why he gets the play he does.

It's odd, because the time or two I've seen him on TV, he has struck me as ill-at-ease, nerdy, but like a basically shy and decent guy who's aware of the limitations of some of his positions and of the fact that people he disagrees with aren't evil. Strange that he'd be so much less likeable on the page, where in theory he's had time to measure and consider what he's saying.
8.22.2006 5:40pm
I've heard people suggest the same sort of thing about Coulter when she is off camera.

So, I'd chalk it all up to marketing, and suggest Coulter is just a better actor (or more dissociative--it is hard to tell the difference).
8.22.2006 6:32pm