Bon mot from my father Vladimir,

who's traveling from Houston to Austin today: Drang nach Austin.

P.S. Of course, there's nothing new under the sun. In January 1998, one Edward A. Cowan made the same joke on LIEDER-L.

Tracy Johnson (www):
That would be a good name for a wargamers convention there.
8.24.2006 11:19am
BobH (mail):
After reaching Austin you'll need a place to stay. Drang nach Westin.
8.24.2006 12:38pm
Armen (mail) (www):
Am I the only one who found Bob's comment far more hilarious than the original joke?
8.24.2006 12:52pm
Davebo (mail):
But Austin is west of Houston.

And Bob, when in Austin the ONLY place to stay is the fabulous Driskill Hotel.
8.24.2006 1:52pm
If Sasha Volokh's father is Russian or Ukrainian, there is a international reputation for heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages, of variable content and origin - often suspicious origin.

He might rather stay here:

Tito's Handmade Vodka
12101 Moore Rd
Austin, TX 78719
(512) 243-2755
8.25.2006 4:15am
Austin = Texas for People Who Hate Texas...
8.25.2006 4:23am