More on Evolutionary Biology Omission:

The New York Times reports on the Education Department's curious exclusion of evolutionary biology from the list of subjects eligible for SMART grants here. According to a Department spokesperson, the omission was inadvertent and would be restored to the list. Deven Desai comments on Concurring Opinions here.

Perhaps it was just an oversight. Odd, though, that it was this most controversial subjest that slipped people's minds.
8.25.2006 12:41pm
"teh Education Department"?

8.25.2006 1:12pm
Henry Schaffer (mail):
To be restored when? It's August 25, 3:30pmET and 26.1303 is still missing on
This "inadvertant" omission was publicized on Tuesday so there has been several days in which to make a correction.
8.25.2006 4:41pm
Henry Schaffer (mail):
They have made a correction - start at an explaination then click at the bottom of the page to get to another letter and click at the bottom of that page to get to the 8/25 revision which shows a couple of changes, one of which is restoring the Evolutionary Biology major.
8.26.2006 3:35pm
Buck Turgidson (mail):
Hoosier, since when is Evolutionary Biology become "the most controversial subject"? And why was "Exercise Physiology" also missing? Is it also controversial?

The claim of inadvertent omission makes absolutely no sense, as the list was clearly copied from somewhere else and two lines were erased. In other places, where the sequence is broken, there is no gap in the document. The absense is only conspicuous in these two places.

The second claim by ED, that evolutionary biology is covered by 26.1399 belies the first. Either the omission was inadvertent or deliberate because there was supposedly double coverage. So this is a clear attempt to cover their asses. Given the twits that have populated the Department since the Bush takeover, it is only too easy to believe that they went after Evolutionary Biology, as they tried to go after everything else they did not like.
8.29.2006 1:14pm