Very funny. For a legal (Supreme Court, even) tidbit about Eszterhas, see item 6 here.

Outstanding. I never knew that 'Flashdance' was an Eszterhas original. What a feeling.
9.25.2006 2:38pm
Houston Lawyer:
I would be willing to pay good money for a collection of scathing reviews. Reading does not get more pleasurable than that.
9.25.2006 3:13pm
Adam (mail) (www):
9.25.2006 4:00pm
FOr the lover of scathing reviews, nothing, anywhere matches the Broadway Reviews in the Collected Works of Dorothy Parker
9.25.2006 5:24pm
Randy R. (mail):
Oh Adam! Don't you know that Vincent Spano is the mostly gorgeous man on earth! Okay, so he's not so good an actor. Neither's Tom Cruise!

Man, you WISH you looked as good at age 46 as Vincent does!

But the review of Esterhaz's book WAS priceless. Doesn't it creep you out that he bedded Sharon Stone?
9.25.2006 10:14pm