Reflections on the Solo Blog Experiment:
As some of you know, I started a solo blog back in March of this year, and posted there pretty much every day until going on hiatus in August. I've been getting a bunch of e-mails recently about what my plans are for the solo blog, so I figured I would post something about it here. I've decided that I'm going to make the hiatus from the solo blog permanent. In other words, I don't plan to post there any more, at least for the foreseeable future.

  My main goal in starting a solo blog was to try to create a more academic and substantive space. I think I succeeded in this, but in the end the downside slightly outweighed the upside. The biggest problem was that finding something substantive and serious to post about every day took a lot of time, and it made the blog seem more like a job than a fun hobby. I was spending around four hours every day looking for an interesting case or legal story, researching it, and then writing something that seemed reasonably insightful. After posting it, I would have to check in 4 or 5 times that day to approve comments in a reasonably timely fashion, and that often led to editing comments or e-mail exchanges with people who didn't like my editing decisions. I like to think that the end result was a quality blog, but it often felt like real work and was so time-consuming that it cut too much into my other projects.

  Second, I found I had mixed feelings about writing only on 'serious' legal topics. The VC is a zoo, but it's a fun zoo: You get dragged into all sorts of debates here that you never expected to get dragged into, and I usually find that pretty entertaining. In general, I've found that I get more of a kick out of blogging on diverse topics than sticking just to serious legal questions.

  Finally, the results of a reader survey suggested that the great majority of solo blog readers also read the VC, so I figured for that crowd that it didn't make much difference whether I was posting here or there.
Moshe (mail):
I'm happy you made this decision. I am one of those who reads VC but not your solo blog. I enjoy your posts and was disappointed when their frequency decreased. So, welcome back.
9.26.2006 3:28pm
Revonna LaSchatze:

Come on.
Really you just negotiated for more money here, dindt'cha?
Just kidding.
9.26.2006 4:15pm
Count me as one who is disappointed to see the solo blog go. Why not keep the solo blog and include both the substance and the silliness?
9.26.2006 4:20pm
Rue Des Quatre Vents (mail):
In other words, Yoko Ono dumped you.
9.26.2006 4:34pm
So, if Eugene is McCartney, and clearly Barnett gets to be George, who gets to be Ringo; Bernstein or Zywicki (J. Adler is, well, Pete Best, at best)?

See, Orin, this is the insightful analysis that you were seeking all along...
9.26.2006 5:32pm
Prof Kerr,
I am still waiting to see if you are going to post your analysis on the detainee interrogation bill. Any chance we are going to see that?
9.26.2006 6:25pm
Pete Freans (mail):
The VC is a zoo...

Where the animals are in charge and the zookeeper is nowhere to be found.
9.26.2006 6:31pm

Do I have such an analysis? I wish I did, but I don't think I do.
9.26.2006 6:46pm
I enjoyed reading the solo blog. Will the site remain up for archive purposes?
9.26.2006 7:13pm
Yes, it will.
9.26.2006 9:55pm
Jeremy T:
Prof. Kerr,

I think you made a wise decision to keep all your stuff at the VC. By all means keep posting the same sorts of things you used to at your old blog, but its easier for readers if all the Conspirators stick around here. :-)
9.26.2006 10:54pm
Prof. Kerr,

I probably was one of the few readers who, when you created it, switched to your solo blog and dropped VC, and therefore feel sad about you abandoning the project.

I honestly believe that the objectives of your solo blog were well designed, and that, if the means for attaining them had been others, perhaps the experience could have turned out more fruitful. Indeed (and here comes my very humble piece of advice), a daily post regarding a subject that is (a) academically interesting, (b) traffic attracting, and (b) informed commentary producing, takes a lot of time, too much for a law professor to have to assume. But what if you delegated this task to a research assistant, with you acting as supervisor? Or to a group of students in your class, as an assignment?

In any case, thanks for blogging, at whatever site.
9.27.2006 12:40pm