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TaxProf gives Blog Juice Ratings for various lawprof blogs, calculated using a mix of "Number of Bloglines subscribers (40%)[,] Alexa rank (15%)[,] Technorati ranking (30%)[,] Number of inbound links via Technorati (15%)." InstaPundit is of course #1 (8.7), but we're at our usual #2 (8.1) — woohoo! — followed by the divine Mme. Prof. Althouse (7.2). Visit the TaxProf link for the whole list.

Wintermute (mail) (www):
Oh, where's the rationale for the weightings? I could change those and change the rankings, just betcha.

[Substance-free insult referring to InstaPundit deleted -EV] is training wheels for chickenhawks, though he does have a good-looking wife.

And where is Balkinization?

Whup some more Yiddish on us; I can get it translated. :-;

Trying not to get zaftig, I remain,

Your fan even without a respectful place in the blogroll :P
10.13.2006 11:21pm
Ahmed (mail):
Wintermute, I don't really understand why you're so upset.

The ranking wasn't for law blogs, just blogs that are run by law professors. Any such ranking that doesn't rank first would be obviously in error.

Reynolds isn't blogging about the sort of harder law issues and academic disputes that you find more often here. He's more interested in traditional politics and lighter topics. That's just what he wants to write about, it's not like he's some sort of dumb guy though. If you doubt me, look up his CV and read some of his law review articles.

Anyone who cares about civility and progress in the blogosphere should respect instapundit quite a bit. Even if, like me, you don't really agree with some of his political views. He's very nice. Something you don't see everywhere else. That sort of power worn lightly approach has lent credibility to the blogosphere in general (because most just aren't attracted to site like volokh).

I do think it's quite nice that this site is so popular as well because it focuses on many issues I find intellectually challenging. But no need to defend it against instapundit. Colombia lw review doesn't freak out when the notice that Time magazine sells more copy!
10.14.2006 12:37am

We're Zaftig

HA! So Ilya is female after all!
10.14.2006 1:02am
Ted Frank (www):
There's something wrong with the ranking that puts Bainbridge so low, given his traffic numbers.
10.14.2006 8:05am
Re Ted Frank's comment:

According to an update at the original TaxProf post,

"Steve Bainbridge notes that his blog should have a juice rating of 6.8, not the 0.8 I reported in the chart above. My 0.8 came from the url; Steve is right that the correct figure is 6.8 if you delete "typepad" from the url. My apologies."

That 6.8 puts Professor Bainbridge's blog at fourth in the rankings.

One wonders if other blogs had their rankings affected by a similar situation.
10.14.2006 2:04pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
That puts UCLA at 8.1 + 6.8 = 14.9! Oh, wait, I guess that's not quite the way it works. Still, great catch about my friend and colleague, and delighted to see him getting the well-deserved recognition.
10.14.2006 3:07pm
Matthew in Denver:
Reynolds also acts as a "gateway drug dealer" who is able to interest non-lawyer types in serious law issues. Though Reynolds mostly blogs about non-law issues which interest the unwashed masses, he often does link to law issues, particularly those regarding libertarian issues (property rights, gun control, and other "government, please go away" topics).

I started out as a casual blog user, just recreationally dabbling in national politics and global security links. But after Reynolds got me hooked, I moved on to the harder stuff and started following the law links as well. Now I have to check out Volokh Conspiracy several times a week whether Glenn links or not.

My point? Reynolds may not be a serious law blogger, but I think he generates a lot of the business that the rest of you get.
10.15.2006 12:34am