Tim Wu, Voice of a Generation:
The very entertaining story is here, and the "I heart Wu" video on You Tube is here. This idea of law professors trying to reach a broader audience seems interesting; I wonder if it will work. Thanks to Howard for the link.
Chris Bell (mail):
I must say, NYU's Law Review show is much better than this. (Not to mention the higher quality sound system.)

Future 1Ls take note....
11.15.2006 3:27pm
Chris Bell (mail):
I'm just playin' Columbia; you know I love you.
11.15.2006 3:47pm
I remember him at UVA. Naturally he did what all UVA professors do, leave for an Ivy League school once he got "superstar" status.
11.15.2006 6:24pm
Taeyoung (mail):
I had the pleasure of taking one of his copyright-related seminars. I did not exactly, ah, distinguish myself in the course, shall we say, but it was an enjoyable course nevertheless. Learned a fair bit.

If he's branching out to a broader audience, all the better -- he's got an engaging style, and seems well enough in tune with the modern world. Moreso than I, at least, in many respects, and probably more so than many law students. A good face for the legal academy.
11.16.2006 10:46am
a reader:
only a crazy person would leave UVa for *anywhere*. cville sweet cville how i miss you.....
11.16.2006 12:26pm
BoBo (mail):
Does anyone find his video a bit disturbing?
11.17.2006 11:11am
JoJo (mail):
BoBo: I do.
11.17.2006 2:15pm