"If Supreme Court Justices Were Rock Stars,"

from Jack Balkin. Thanks to InstaPundit for the pointer.

msmith (mail):
Stephen Breyer-- Nobody. Stephen Breyer doesn't rock and roll.

Sure does. The aging James Taylor even starting to look like Breyer. Hairline mostly, I suppose.

Saw Breyer rocking this weekend trying to explain to Chris Wallace and the FOX "News" audience what it is judges actually do. Or try to do.

Good luck with all that!
12.4.2006 2:25pm
How about those unconfirmable nominees?

Robert Bork: Marilyn Manson. Iconically scary, but in fact not all that objectionable once you pay attention. Banned in the '80s.
12.4.2006 2:32pm
Kofi Anonymous (mail):
Justice Breyer might be compared fairly to any of the indie-rock, never-really-famous-bands that are revered by the record-store-clerk counterculture elite.

Perhaps the best comparison is to Yo La Tengo, a band from Hoboken, New Jersey (that I'm sure you've never heard of). Both YLT and Justice Breyer are prolific: the band has released nearly 20 albums; the Justice has authored scores of opinions. However, aside from a committed but narrow group of constituents, no one really cares about either.

To be sure, the following is the most compelling element of the analogy: when an outsider takes a close look at the Ĺ“uvre of either YLT or Justice Breyer, she will typically walk away scratching her head and wondering what all of the fuss is about.
12.4.2006 2:42pm
I'm not sure about rock-star comparisons, but the first time I saw David Souter I was reminded of Bud Court from the movie "Harold and Maude."
12.5.2006 12:36pm
NickM (mail) (www):
So which Justice is most likely to trash the conference room because there were no red M&Ms?

12.6.2006 4:30pm