Ken Lammers Closes Up Shop:
Ken Lammers, the proprietor of the excellent CrimLaw, has decided to end his blog. It will be missed; I've always enjoyed it.
Respondent (mail):
I loved their stuff and hope that some other blog that does similar work will be identified in the near future. It would be nice if a link to such a blog could go up at, whose links form most of my blog reads. (although is not linked up there for some strange reason).
12.24.2006 8:26pm

I was thinking about updating that blogroll, now that CrimLaw and SA are gone. Now that I know you're using it, I'll make sure I get to it sooner rather than later.
12.24.2006 8:32pm
Cyrus (www):
Crimlaw gone?! I was one of those 100 odd a day. Is there another blog out there (besides Blonde Justice) with good criminal law (or any law, really) war stories?
12.25.2006 4:54pm