Universal Cuts the Trans-Fats:

Universal Parks and Resorts has jumped on the anti-trans-fats bandwagon. Early reports seem to be positive, but a self-confessed "junk food addict" can taste the difference: "It tastes drier and not too salty," but is still tasty.

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Tom Holsinger (mail):
I can't wait for this to show up on South Park, most likely as a farting contest with matches.
12.28.2006 5:42pm
Transfats are popular because they allow stable storage of various products at room temperature.

They do not have a taste advantage.
12.29.2006 3:03pm
Chris Bell (mail):
Considering that the American Heart Association opposes NYC's ban, you have to wonder how bad of an idea this is.
12.29.2006 7:50pm