Sunday Song Lyric Explanation and Index

Some VC readers love the Sunday Song Lyric. Others clearly hate it. Still others misunderstand the purpose. I am under no illusion that all (any?) the lyrics I select are classic or profound. That's not the point. I select lyrics because they are topical, in the news, powerful, profound, silly, absurd, enjoyable, or just on my mind for whatever reason, and might be of interest to some readers or provoke an interesting discussion. If you like the SSL, keep reading, and send me suggestions from time to time. If not, ignore these posts and read something else.

Following is an index for SSLs posted since August 20, 2006. the index for earlier SSLs can be found here.


January 21 - Jay-Z, 30 Something/Minority Report/Kingdom Come
January 7 - Evanescence, Lithium


December 24 - John Rox, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
December 17 - No Doubt, Just a Girl
December 3 - White Stripes, I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman
November 26 - Anita O'Day, And Her Tears Flow Like Wine
November 12 - Live, Dance with You
October 22 - Tex Williams and Merle Travis, Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette
October 8 - Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish, Stardust
October 1 - James van Heusen and Edgar DeLange, Darn that Dream
September 24 - Toby Keith, Weed with Willie
September 17 - Liz Phair, Rock Me
September 10 - Storm Large, Ladylike
September 3 - Lightning Seeds (Ian Broudie), Pure
August 27 - Metallica, The God that Failed
August 20 - Bob Dylan, (Various)

Mr. Adler, I am longing for the full treatment of the Captain &Tennille's "Muskrat Love".
1.28.2007 8:26am
Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
BT --

That one migt be a bit of stretch. I have to have some standards, but I'll take a look. ;-)

1.28.2007 10:10am
Automatic Caution Door:
I don't "hate" the Sunday Song Lyric feature. Free ice cream, and all that.

But in general I'm pretty apathetic about song lyrics in written form. I'm a voracious music fan, and a former professional singer, but I've just never been a lyrics guy. Good lyrics can make a good song better, but for me they can't make a bad song good. Yet a lot of so-so music has been elevated in the rock canon over the years seemingly because of "the words."

The dubious intellectualization of rock in the 1960s (I'm looking at you, Bob Dylan et al.) bred this wayward emphasis on lyrical content. And it plagues rock criticism, in which writers -- naturally? -- focus on the words an artist employs rather than the sounds he creates.

My guess is that if people want to be moved by written verse, they'd probably be better off in most cases reading some poetry.
1.28.2007 11:09am
JosephSlater (mail):
While admittedly I'm in the "like it" camp, I don't understand how anyone can "hate" the Sunday Song Lyric. It's not as if it contains offensive or controversial views, and it's not as if it's hard to skip if you aren't into reading lyrics.

The older I get, the more attention I've been paying to lyrics in songs. Do they make sense out of context/without the music? Are they supposed to? Reasonable minds can disagree, but there's nothing wrong with checking out good lyrics.
1.29.2007 2:07pm