Wikipedia Brown:

A funny variation on Encyclopedia Brown.

Shelby (mail):
Funny, I don't remember Sally being so clever....
1.30.2007 4:18pm
PatHMV (mail) (www):
Bugs Meany! What a rotten twerp of a kid.

Thanks for that link, Eugene. It's been a long time since I read Encyclopedia Brown, but it used to be one of my favorites.
1.30.2007 4:23pm
Jeff Shultz (mail):
Life imitates.... art?
1.30.2007 4:49pm
DaveN (mail):
Great satire--it made its point quite well. Thanks for sharing.
1.30.2007 8:16pm
That author has some other good stuff too - I just read "It's ok to eat fish".
1.31.2007 10:42am
TGGP (mail):
I was surprised to see Adam Cadre mentioned here. He is probably one of the top interactive-fiction authors, with games like I-0, Shrapnel and (especially) Varicella. Photopia stands out as the only work of fiction that really resonated with me emotionally.
1.31.2007 2:22pm