What a Cool Product!

See here. Why didn't someone get one of these for us?

Thanks to Haym Hirsh for the pointer.

UPDATE: Oh, and in case the baby gets bored, I'd like to get him this other cool product.

My guess is that someone really doesn't like John Willis, if that's a real person.
1.31.2007 3:00pm
Jeff Shultz (mail):
What an amazingly complete spoof site... I hope.
1.31.2007 3:17pm
Alan P (mail):
One of the testimonials says

"Now I don't have to baby sit my grandchild"

I hope not if you're going to lock him up in a damn cage.

O Please let this site be a joke
1.31.2007 3:39pm
If you can't tell it's a joke, then you really haven't looked. Can I get a "Duh!"?
1.31.2007 3:41pm
BobNSF (mail):
Clearly this must be a branch of one of the many military procurement companies which take regular consumer products -- in this case pet cages -- and "repurpose" them.

There's a great deal of profit in merely reworking marketing material.
1.31.2007 4:10pm
Alex R:
Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I wonder if this site might not have been created by an anti-animal-cruelty activist trying to make a point about some of the methods used to train and control pets -- especially dogs. Some of the cages and devices look like those that would be used by some pet owners and dog trainers. Just a thought.
1.31.2007 4:11pm
Alex - probably not. I do a fair amount of dog training and I've never heard of any anti-animal-cruelty activists complaining about crate training.

Of course - there's all kinds of uproar about animal testing and dogs and other animals being kept caged in labs . . . but that isn't really "training"
1.31.2007 4:28pm
great unknown (mail):
This may have arisen from the case of the Gravelle couple in Ohio, who kept 11 adopted special-needs children in cages and other types of restraints "for their own good."
1.31.2007 5:23pm
Random Commenter:
This site isn't new -- I remember getting a good laugh from reading it several years ago. For the humor impaired: yes, it's meant to be funny.
1.31.2007 5:33pm
Houston Lawyer:
What is a crib, but a cage. Much work ensues once your child learns to climb out of the crib.
1.31.2007 5:38pm
Nathan Jones (mail):
And when the pets get to be too much, you can send them to Dog Island
1.31.2007 8:48pm
Rick Wilcox (www):
Prof. Volokh:
Bonsai Kittens are passe. The truly discriminating consumer buys GenPets.
2.1.2007 8:12am