Justice Alito at GW Law:
Yesterday GW Law held the final round of its annual moot court competition, and we were honored to have another stellar panel of judges this year: Justice Samuel Alito presided, and was joined by Judge Jose Cabranes of the Second Circuit and Judge Diane P. Wood of the Seventh Circuit. It was a terrific event all around. Congratulations to the winners of the competition, my former students Jonathan Bond and Eric Klein. The law school website has posted a page about the event, and you can see it here.

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DC Resident:
Congrats to the winning team. I'm concerned, now that I realize Eric is in one of my classes!
2.2.2007 11:40pm
I think that this was an excellent example of what judges look for in a moot court. By any subjective criteria, Klein got his ass handed to him in a sling. However, while he had a difficult argument, he handled extraordinarily tough questions very well. As I overheard one "in the know" prof comment at the reception, there wasn't a single question asked that he hadn't heard six times before in practice.
Eric Klein and Jonathon Bond worked extraordinarily hard - they had fellow students doing practice moots several times per week, and it showed at the competition. My congratulations to them both. Special regards to Prof. Kerr and Prof. Lupu for lending advice and acting the part of a teacher rather than merely an academic.
2.2.2007 11:41pm