I Knew It Was Only A Matter of Time
before the shaved head look would start to catch on.
liberty (mail) (www):
I am normally not very sympathetic to celebrities, but it must suck to have your youthful forays slapped across newspapers worldwide.
2.17.2007 11:43am
lucia (mail) (www):
Evidently you need neck tattoos to accessorize the look.
2.17.2007 12:32pm
Grooming for global warming, no doubt.
2.17.2007 12:53pm
Q the Enchanter (mail) (www):
A very close relative of mine began shaving her head like this at the onset of what turned out to be schizoaffective disorder. She was about Britney's age. The other bizarre behavior and the general downslide described all fit.

I hope I'm wrong to think the similarities are more than superficial.
2.17.2007 1:06pm
llamasex (mail) (www):
Better keep her away from any pictures of the pope.
2.17.2007 1:07pm
Youthful? She is the mother of two.
2.17.2007 1:39pm
ELAINE: No! He's not bald. Look! He's got a full head of hair.

JERRY: So he just shaves his head for no reason?

GEORGE: That's like using a wheelchair for the fun of it!

From "The Little Jerry", Episode 145 of Seinfeld.
2.17.2007 1:51pm
Orin Kerr's Future Husband:
Bald-headed hoes I see some bald-headed hoes
Everywhere I go I see some bald-headed hoes
2.17.2007 3:00pm
godfodder (mail):
I have a funny feeling that she is going to be surprised by how long it takes for her hair to grow back!

Shave in haste... repent at your leisure.
2.17.2007 3:03pm
Shangui (mail):
It's amusing that after the alleged constant drunkeness, drug use, and orgies, it's a new (if admittedly extreme) hair cut that has people really questioning her sanity.
2.17.2007 3:09pm
Spartacus (www):
Brittney is out of control for being an irresponsible party animal when she is a mother of two. But the shaved head? So what? My current wife shaved her head when we first met (mine already was) and I think we looked great together. In less than a year she had "normal" short hair again, and in a couple more it was as long as when we'd met (shoulder length). Yawn.
2.17.2007 3:15pm
FMB for The Common Law Cause (mail):
As a Louisiana native, maybe she tired of the pain she felt when pulling her hair in frustration at the inability of the rest to understand usufruct.
2.17.2007 4:04pm
Dave N (mail):
I can see why Orin Kerr has a stake in the issue. Though it is not apparent if he accessorizes with tattoos like Brittany Spears does.
2.17.2007 4:32pm
Another Virginian:
SP: so women lose their youth when they have children?
2.17.2007 5:05pm

I can see why Orin Kerr has a stake in the issue.

Damn! Bullet head with metrosexual glasses!
2.18.2007 12:02am
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
Next thing you know she'll start hanging out with guys in black cloaks wearing Guy Fawkes masks.
2.19.2007 2:26am
David Radulski (mail) (www):
St. Baldrick's Day approaches!

I wished she had waited, and perhaps raised some money for a good cause. My guess is many more people would have paid to see her shave her head than me (and other shavees) shave ours!


2.19.2007 1:41pm
Houston Lawyer:
She apparently fits within the group that should never shave their heads. My skull is bumpy and my scalp has scars from childhood misadventures. Consequently, I wouldn't voluntarily shave my head and make a spectacle of myself. While I've seen people who look great with a shaved head, she is not one of them.

Question whether she will live as long as Anna Nichole. I predict she goes Bad Astonaut soon.
2.19.2007 2:43pm
Dave M.:
Looks like someone's a fan of Top Chef.
2.19.2007 9:34pm