Overruling Roe: Who's Afraid of John Roberts?

My colleague Jessie Hill blogs on the prospects of a Roe reversal at Prawfsblawg here.

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New Guest 99:
Roe is not going anywhere. Of course there are differences, but the recent punitive damages case is instructive. I'm reasonably confident that Alito (and probably Roberts) would not have been in the majority in State Farm and Gore, but now that those cases are out there, the new Justices are not the type to rock the boat and overrule them. The same will be true with Roe.
2.28.2007 8:32am
blackdoggerel (mail):
I think it should also be underscored that any analogy to the partial-birth abortion cases, which one commenter to Prof. Hill's post made, is entirely inapposite for the reasons Prof. Hill provided in his responsive comment.
2.28.2007 11:49am