"Marketplace" Story on NYC Associate Salaries:
American Public Media's "Marketplace" has an interesting story today on the causes and impact of the latest salary increase among associates at major New York law firms. You can listen to the story here and read a transcript of the report here. I particularly liked the vibrating BlackBerry, no doubt in part because I don't have one.
Colin (mail):
I'm sure they used a real phone to get the Blackberry buzz, but I wish NPR had a foley artist on staff. I'd wake up more quickly in the morning if they had wild sound effects in their stories.
3.5.2007 8:01pm
Cornellian (mail):
I wonder if the sale of vibrating Blackberries is prohibited in Alabama.
3.5.2007 8:56pm
/ I wonder if the sale of vibrating Blackberries is prohibited in Alabama.

Not if they are clearly marked "for novelty use only"...
3.5.2007 9:41pm
jallgor (mail):
I actually feel like the blackberry is liberating for a young associate. It allows you to be responsive to partner demands without being afraid to leave the office. Partners are stress cases and what they hate more than anything is an associate who disappears when they need them. As a result, associates wind up sitting around doing nothing in their offices just in case some partner needs them. As I like to put it, I'd rather be a dog on a running leash than a dog in a cage.
3.6.2007 8:00am
tyrantlimabean (mail):
>Most law students graduate with more than $70,000 in debt just in law-school loans.
And, he says, despite the big hikes at corporate firms . . .
LEIPOLD: The rise in average law-school debt has also continued to outpace these salary gains

Yep! Perhaps I've just missed them, but why aren't we seeing more stories about why law school tuitions are skyrocketing?
3.6.2007 10:16am
Yes, please. Anyone here in university governance who cares to comment on the price of a legal education? And on where the money is going?
3.6.2007 4:58pm