Excellent SF Novel:

Finished my review copy of John Scalzi's Last Colony, the sequel to his Old Man's War and Ghost Brigades. I liked them all a great deal; if you've read and liked the first two, I think you'll much like the third -- if you haven't read the first two, well, start.

uh clem (mail):
I haven't read his books, but he is the author of the all-time number-one blog post on politics. Ever.


The blogosphere has been a disappointing let down ever since.
3.9.2007 5:35pm
I'm a big fan of the first two, will have to get the 3rd one ASAP.
3.9.2007 7:54pm
I just started the first one. Like it so far...
3.9.2007 9:21pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail):
I just finished the first one, and loved. I'm new to SF, but I'm really getting into it, and greatly appreciate these recommendations.
3.9.2007 11:32pm
fishbane (mail):
He's also the author of one of the funniest contests ever - he gave away a book to the person who wrote the best scathing review of a book he hasn't written.

Plus, there's BaconCat. How can you not love BaconCat?
3.10.2007 8:52pm