DC Circuit Strikes Down DC Gun Law Under the 2nd Amendment:
This morning the D.C. Circuit handed down a decision endorsing the individual rights view of the Second Amendment and striking down the District of Columbia's broad gun ban. The opinion in Parker v. District of Columbia is here. The majority opinion was by Judge Silberman; Judge Henderson dissented. I'll probably post more commentary as I read the opinion, and no doubt other bloggers here will be weighing in, but for now I wanted to just point out the decision. Thanks to Howard for the link.
dwlawson (mail) (www):
As a resident of Chicago, I'm intensely curious as to what affect this will have for me.

I'm tempted to attempt to register a handgun in Chicago to try to bring the local spotlight on the issue. The ruling went way under reported in Chicago despite that fact that Chicago's ban was consistently mentioned when reporting this ruling elsewhere.

I have a legal shotgun for home defense in Chicago, but my wife is not comfortable using it due to size/weight and really wants a handgun.
3.12.2007 1:39am