Cathy Seipp's Death:

Cathy was a fantastic writer, and a great person; I'll miss her very much.

Dave N (mail):
Susan Estrich has a very heartfelt and gracious eulogy. For those who knew or knew of Cathy Seipp, it is worth reading.
3.21.2007 10:55pm
Zoe1 (mail):
May she rest in piece. And I'm glad to see her passing is getting attention, even including (at least right now) a link from the Drudge Report to her LAT obit.
3.22.2007 3:09am
Zoe1 (mail):
Oops! I mean "peace," obviously. My apologies, writing too late at night to be coherent.
3.22.2007 3:10am
James Fulford (mail):
John O'Sullivan has a remembrance of her here.
3.22.2007 3:22am