Stulman v. Penn State University:

Here's the complaint in Stulman v. Penn State University, the case David Bernstein mentioned below. The complaint begins:

1. Charles Garoian, Director of the Pennsylvania State University School of Visual Arts, and Robert Yarber, a professor at the Penn State School of Visual Arts, violated the free speech and associational rights of Joshua Stulman while he was an art student at the School of Visual Arts by prohibiting the exhibition of his series of paintings entitled "Portraits of Terror" in the Patterson Gallery at the University because of Joshua's artistic viewpoint expressed in those paintings.

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Would giving a paper an "F" (or for that matter, a "B") violate a student's free speech rights?
4.25.2007 1:11am
I don't see why -- a grade is a form of criticism or evaluation, neither of which is barring expression.
4.25.2007 8:47am
Yankev (mail):
ReaderY, I think you have set up a straw man. That is not what happened here.
4.25.2007 10:05am