Seeking Authors of Two Unsigned Student Notes

Can anyone please tell me who wrote the student Notes titled, "Looking It Up: Dictionaries and Statutory Interpretation" (Harv. L. Rev. 1994), and "Why Learned Hand Would Never Consult Legislative History Today" (Harv. L. Rev. 1992)? I want to mention them as examples of oft-cited notes (>85 academic citations for Hand, 110 for Dictionaries, 10 case citations for each). Thanks!

[UPDATE: A query to a lawprof discussion list quickly resolved this for me; Looking It Up was written by Prof. Kevin Werbach (Wharton), and Learned Hand was written by Judge Mark Filip, who clerked at the Court the year I did. Between Judge Filip's note, Jim Ryan's excellent Smith and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act: An Iconoclastic Assessment (>100 citations), and my Freedom of Speech and Workplace Harassment, we apparently had a good student Note year.]

Do we need other law reviews when we have the Harvard Law Review?
6.20.2007 8:33pm
A Northwestern Law Student (mail):
It's no surprise to find that one of those comes from Judge Filip. Judge Filip is consistently the highest-rated among the twenty judges evaluated in the Chicago Council of Lawyers' extensive survey of members of the federal bar, winning outright or tying in categories like "He/she understands the issues in complex cases," "Overall, he/she is a good district judge," and "He/she would make a good United States Court of Appeals Judge," not to mention, e.g., "His/her rulings in criminal cases are free from any disposition to decide for either government or defense." Good for Judge Filip!

See report here (pdf).
6.20.2007 8:37pm