How to get your personalized podcast

I'm offering personalized podcasts for people who pre-order my new book Discover Your Inner Economist: Use Incentives to Fall in Love, Survive Your Next Meeting, and Motivate Your Dentist, due out August 2. Here is the Amazon link. Here is the Barnes&Noble link.

The podcast is personalized because it is sent directly to you and because you get to choose the question I address. I will find this fun and a great challenge.

Podcasts are usually thought of as a mass medium but I would like to see if the idea of personalized podcasts can take off. If you pre-order the book between now and 8 p.m. Thursday (EST), let me know at, of course send along your question, and I'll prepare the podcast and email it to you. You really can pick any question you want. Here are the full details of the offer.

Here's a recent article — from New York magazine — about me and the new book.

Larry1 (mail):
That's a tremendous offer. I was on the fence regarding buying the book, but that just took me off the fence. I'm ordering today. What fun to come up with a question.
7.24.2007 11:03am
phalkon (mail):
How disgusting to see the Volokh Conspiracy site used for shameless book promotion. It's bad enough that you have to fill your own blog with this. Skip the advertising and post on substantive topics please.
7.24.2007 12:10pm
Larry1 (mail):
It is promotion (maybe even of the shameless sort), but Professor Cowen is offering readers something that quite a few of us might find valuable.
7.24.2007 12:35pm
Shameless book promotion??? It's a book by one of the Conspirators!, if you find it useful to come to the conspiracy site and read their post I belive it could be assumed that you would be interested in buying a more refined and organized version of their thoughs in the form of a book. If that's so then what better place for the conspirators to "shamelessly promote" their books.
7.24.2007 4:59pm

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