Song of Norway:

While composing my last post, I spilled some tea on my keyboard. I opened an empty browser window while attacking the affected keys with my napkin, so as not to mess up any of my already-open windows. When I looked up at the screen again, I had navigated to the Universitet i Oslo.

Randy R. (mail):
In this black caffeinated world, it's nice to know that there are other bloggers who actually drink the much more civilized tea.
I myself just will not order tea except a handful of places where I know they do it well. Otherwise, it's just me, some loose leaves, a trusty old ceramic pot, and hot water.
7.24.2007 11:54am
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
The Russians are a big tea culture. Therefore, I have an electric water boiler on my office desk. I like to brew my own tea, but for convenience, I do fine with Twinings tea bags, which are high enough quality for me. When I'm at a place that has Lipton tea -- or really just about anything else, including Tazo or Constant Comment -- I will order coffee.
7.24.2007 12:06pm
liberty (mail) (www):
Tazo is horrible, they really destroy Earl Grey.
7.24.2007 12:15pm
Are you inviting everybody on a gruppebes√łk of this site?
7.24.2007 12:18pm
7.24.2007 12:58pm
The Cabbage:
The Russians in my family all drink Indar tea. I'm quite comfortable with my assimilation, so I rock the java and Diet Coke.
7.24.2007 2:09pm

Speaking of Norway, the Princess knows what you're thinking.

For a very reasonable price of 12.000 kroner (that's about $2000) Her Royal Highness will teach you all her tricks including how to contact angels and conjure up everyday miracles. But hurry, the next session begins in mid-August.
7.24.2007 2:49pm
"Four Nobel Prize winners indicates..": aargh, rape and pillage of our language.
7.24.2007 2:57pm
Lutheran porn sites are Hell.
7.24.2007 4:14pm
Song of Norway?

"Old Svengurdsson had a school, U-I-U-I-O"?
7.24.2007 8:49pm