Debating Climate Law & Policy at ACS:

On Friday morning, I will be participating in a panel discussion on "Climate Change and Other 'Hot' Topics" at the Fifth Annual National Convention of the American Constitution Society. Other panelists will include former EPA Administrator Carol Browner, Georgetown's Lisa Heinzerling, Douglas Kendall of Community Rights Counsel, and environmental attorney Al Meyerhoff. We will discuss the Supreme Court's decision in Massachusetts v. EPA, other ongoing climate change litigation in the federal courts, state climate change initiatives, and federal policy proposals. I participated in a panel at the first ACS national convention five years ago, and had a rollicking good time. I look forward to another on Friday.

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EIDE_Interface (mail):
There is nothing to debate. GW is a looming catastrophe and we must institute massive new carbon taxes on all business and consumers right away. I don't want any further discussion on the issue. Any who does want further discussion is an money-grubbing neocon worthy of stone tossing.
7.26.2007 2:55am
GW will greatly help my region. Longer growing season, more rain, less harsh winters. I intend to run for office and pass laws which will require people to use more energy in a less clean way. I am not sure that it will speed things up, but since we only have to wait five more years it can't hurt.
7.26.2007 10:18am
Constitutional Crisis (mail):
7.26.2007 10:20am
Great sarcasm, EIDE_Interface! Well done.
7.26.2007 12:56pm
Mary Katherine Day-Petrano (mail):
A denialist group of commenters, no doubt.
7.27.2007 5:33am