Congratulations to Meghan Poirier,

the Wake Forest law student who argued and won the Fourth Circuit case I mentioned last week — the one in which the Fourth Circuit reaffirmed felons' right to possess a gun in self-Defense and while delivering it to the police, and therefore set aside a 15-year sentence imposed after the defendant's lawyer wrongly advised the defendant that no such defense exists.

A National Law Journal article reports that Ms. Poirier is "a West Point graduate and now a captain in the U.S. Army who is about to begin training in the Judge Advocate General corps." "[Prof. John] Korzen [who supervised Poirier's brief as part of an appellate advocacy class] said of Poirier, 'She did it all. She did the research and drafting of the briefs. We had three or four practice rounds of oral argument.'" Well done, Captain!

Another Law Student:
That's an incredible and impressive accomplishment!
8.14.2007 10:25am
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
Is she single? Does she like older men?

More seriously, real question here: how can a law student argue and win a case? Doesn't being allowed to argue the case imply that she's been admitted to the Bar in that court?
8.14.2007 10:56am
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
Charlie: Commenter Carolina explained how law students get to argue in this comment to the previous post.
8.14.2007 10:59am

Re: Does she like older men?

This is so depressing for me: it was once the case that I'd have read this post, seen the picture, and said, like you "Wow! Is she single?"

NOW, my first, gut response was "Wow! I hope my daughter can do something like that when she grows up!"

In "Logan's Run," wasn't that sort of thing a sign that it was time to euthenize?
8.14.2007 12:02pm
Spectacular accomplishment. Already a credit to the profession!
8.14.2007 12:40pm
Hypocrite (mail):
It's a shame that 60% of the comments about this remarkable person's great accomplishments relate to her physical appearance.

That said, DAMN! Is she single?

8.14.2007 3:24pm
Casey Pick (mail):
Hypocrite - I suspect that while, yes, she is an attractive young woman, some of the underlying sentiment behind the question "is she single" is a desire to express that her intellectual accomplishments are part of what makes her attractive... and as a woman, I love it when people think brains are sexy. (Of course, as a lesbian, I'm also thinking, "what're the odds she's single AND gay?" No, I'm not bitter... *grins*)
8.14.2007 3:33pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
Casey, if you ever change sides, let me know.
8.14.2007 4:15pm
A hard worker with a sharp mind, good presence and, let's be blunt, very easy on the eyes. We salute you!

And, yeah, I hope my daughters turn out so well, too.
8.14.2007 4:15pm

Did the army pay for law school or was she in some sort of leave?
8.14.2007 4:33pm
The article states the army paid for law school.

From military officers I have talked to, that program is one of the most competitive in the military. Unlike, say, medical school, where the army will pay for the medical education of civilians on the condition they serve as doctors in the military after they graduate, the law school program is only open to currently serving officers. Civilians can join the military after or during law school, but the military does not pay tuition in these cases.

Officers in that program are considered active duty (not on leave) but their duty assignment is "go to law school."
8.14.2007 5:00pm
Debbie (mail):
You Go Girl!! Kudos to you!! Thank God their are citizens like you out there helping our fellow poor and unwitting citizens.
I hope this is just the beginning of a pattern of cases you will have in your career, and not just a one time class project.

P.S. Just curious, Are you going to follow thru and sue the lawyer and/or Judge(Who should have KNOWN the law,that IS their job?) in the case?? He did spend 4 fricken years in jail! OUCH!
8.15.2007 3:47am
Brian G (mail) (www):
Alright Captain!
8.15.2007 11:35pm