More from Jack Goldsmith:

Marty Lederman highlights some key points from Jack Goldsmith's book and a recent interview. For those of us who don't yet have a copy of the book, it's worth a read. As these excerpts illustrate, even those who are generally supportive of aggressive counter-terrorism measures and expansive constructions of executive power should have serious concerns about they way counter-terror policies and legal doctrines have been developed and implemented in the Bush Administration.

I strongly recommend Benjamin Wittes's review of Goldsmith's book at

It is a particularly good corrective to Michiko Kakutani's one-sided review for the NYT. It is a scandal that she assigns herself the job of reviewing so many books on subjects on which she has no expertise.
9.11.2007 12:40pm
Benjamin Davis (mail):
Notwithstanding the hagiography now, if Jack Goldsmith is viewed as a hero, then it tells us just how out of whack we have gotten.
9.11.2007 1:48pm
John M. Perkins (mail):
A bit off topic, but I'm about to put in our law school's lobby display case:

The Supreme Court and the Clean Water Act: Five Essays by Jonathan H. Adler, et al. Vermont Law School's Land Use Institute (2007).

The fifth essay is:
"Once More, With Feeling: Reaffirming the Limits of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction" by Jonathan H. Adler.
9.11.2007 5:36pm