"Victory is by knockout, checkmate or resignation, or failing any of those, by points-based scoring system." Thanks to GeekPress for the pointer.

Maniakes (mail):
I'm waiting for the Kasparov vs. Tyson match.
11.6.2007 3:29pm
arbitraryaardvark (mail) (www):
Depto, a pharmaceutical salesman who has boxed for 12 years and played chess since he was 6, says it's no good being very strong at one discipline and weak at the other.
I like how the sport is based on a comic book - nice self-fulfilling prophesy.
11.6.2007 5:20pm
Maniakes (mail):
I believe it. But I still want to see a match between two people who each excell at one and are very weak at the other.
11.6.2007 6:22pm
aizheng (mail):
11.7.2007 3:13am
This was clearly inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan's, Da Mystery of Chessboxin. (Great song, actually.)
11.7.2007 3:17pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
That's a nice definition of "victory". Maybe we should assign that guy the task of defining "victory" in Iraq.
11.7.2007 7:53pm