Best Law Blog Race Down to a 25-Vote Margin:

Yes, I've been bitten by the bug.

Mary Katherine Day-Petrano (mail):
The polls don't close until Nov. 8th, no? I voted less than 24 hrs ago. Unless, I masquerade as ANOTHER voter in the Blog Competition? Quick someone ask Orin if that would violate any computer-crime laws...
11.6.2007 3:11pm
Tony Tutins (mail):
Wow, atl came out of nowhere. When I voted before, volokh had a commanding lead -- Hillary's is nothing by comparison.
11.6.2007 3:23pm
You realize that the "one vote every 24 hours" thing is a scam to get more advertising hits, right? How often do you think their advertisers count unique IP addresses?
11.6.2007 3:37pm
Shtetl G:
You got my vote but that's only because my favorite law blog was not nominated.
11.6.2007 3:41pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
Why does Above the Law have a comma in its number while we don't?
11.6.2007 3:45pm
Le Messurier (mail):
The margin is now 85! We've heard you!!!
11.6.2007 3:53pm
Dave N (mail):
VC now up by 104 (and yes, I've been bitten too)
11.6.2007 4:07pm
Steve P. (mail):
Sasha: Are there commas in large numbers in Russian? Perhaps it's just a culturally-conscious poll.
11.6.2007 4:09pm
Where do you guys see your numbers? Going through the posting link I see the same numbers as this morning. ??
11.6.2007 4:33pm
Salixquercus (mail):
No matter what the votes say, Balkinization kicks your a posteriori.
11.6.2007 4:44pm
Ted Frank (www):
I'm kinda surprised Overlawyered wasn't nominated; we got far more nominations than a majority of the nominees. But I'm glad that the result of the oversight is that the Volokh Conspiracy is picking up our votes.
11.6.2007 4:46pm
glangston (mail):
One thing we can be sure of, this is not a beauty contest.
11.6.2007 5:32pm
MH (mail):
Second time I voted today. The first time, Pittsburgh mayoral election, it isn't going nearly so well.
11.6.2007 10:40pm
Salixquercus (mail):
Still no post on the Pakistani lawyers getting beaten down on the best law blog?
11.7.2007 11:36am
Maureen001 (mail):
It's VC +315 right now.:>}
11.7.2007 1:59pm
Zywicki (mail):
Why do you think we post pictures of all our cute kids?
11.7.2007 2:14pm
Lat's trying to stage a comeback, might be a good time for VC readers to get over there if you haven't voted recently (but the site is having major traffic problems at the moment, good luck getting through).
11.7.2007 3:09pm
The VC is down again. Vote, gentle readers!
11.7.2007 5:01pm