Four Models:
I see that the secretive and powerful movement to think of all constitutional amendments in terms of four models — and then, importantly, to focus on why no one model can work and the merits of using different models in different contexts — has taken on new life with a recent lecture by Mark Tushnet. [Insert Vincent Price laughter here.] In all seriousness, the basic aproach has been around for a while; still, having recently been working on the last stages of editing to my Fourth Amendment paper, it's really interesting to see Tushnet's approach in the First Amendment context.
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
Also, Kathleen Sullivan has four models of the First Amendment -- but the religion part. This was in her Harvard Law Review symposium piece in 2003.

Also, thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird.
11.7.2007 4:24pm
Hmmm, not the sort of models I had in mind . . .
11.7.2007 4:25pm
r78. That was awesome.
11.7.2007 6:00pm
Tony Tutins (mail):
Hmm... Prof. Kerr's models don't immediately appear to map into Prof. Tushnet's. But perhaps four is the magic number.

r78: Rebecca T. is pretty cute although married. I heard her speak at a conference once. If that's the sort of model you had expected to see here.
11.7.2007 6:03pm