"A Last Minute Plea for Votes,"

read the title of a post from our friendly rival at Above the Law, and the plea has led us to fall behind by (at current count) 313 votes. So we plead right back: Please vote for your favorite law blog — whatever that might happen to be — at this page; the rules allow you to vote once every 24 hours.

Dave N (mail):
The gap closed by 22 votes since your last plea. The tally is now 3358-3243 in favor of Above the Law.
11.7.2007 7:29pm
Hey, is Lat buying us a round of beers if he wins? If so, I'm voting for ATL.
11.7.2007 8:13pm
Anonymouseducator (mail) (www):
Down to 80
11.7.2007 8:19pm
Selling out for a beer Professor Kerr? I can't decide if I should increase or decrease my respect for you . . . how law school has warped my mind.
11.7.2007 8:19pm
Prof. Kerr,

Remember, Lat does not owe you a beer!
11.7.2007 8:27pm
Anonymouseducator (mail) (www):
I think I owe somebody a beer. Who was it?
11.7.2007 8:34pm
I can spell:
Just voted for TVC, but it ATL was still winning.
11.7.2007 8:59pm
Someone Else (mail):
Orin, if you win do you owe Lat a beer?
11.7.2007 9:08pm
No, if Orin wins he owes all (currently) 3,508 of us a beer. Perhaps another reason for him to vote for ATL.
11.7.2007 9:17pm
Maureen001 (mail):
VC is lagging behind above The Law by 39 votes at this particular moment.
11.7.2007 9:29pm
Lat just posted yet another request for votes, complaining that the last one apparently wasn't effective enough.
11.7.2007 10:18pm
Dave N (mail):
VC down 307 votes. If you haven't voted, now is the time, before the polls close.
11.8.2007 1:17am
I voted for Volokh, but I had misgivings. According to this, the reading level of this blog is Jr. High School level. I'd expect more from a top legal blog. By way of comparison Little Green Footballs is ranked at College level. I seldom read LGF, but that does seem a tad high to me.
11.8.2007 3:28am
Daniel Chapman (mail):
Profanity isn't appropriate for children
11.8.2007 8:31am
Temp Guest (mail):
I think Eugene ought to appeal this to the Florida Supreme Court!
11.8.2007 8:49am
Not gonna say:
Honestly, I read both blogs, and though I disagree with most of the posters here, the quality is higher than ATL. I voted the first several times for SCOTUSblog, which has the highest overall consistent quality, but now that it comes down to the wire I don't want to waste my last vote, so I voted for ATL. Why? Because I really really don't want to see another post by Eugene titled "We're Number 1!" The only worse outcome than confirming Eugene's self-satisfaction would be if Bashman had been in the running.
11.8.2007 9:54am
I voted for Eugene. I think he does a great job.
11.8.2007 12:22pm
Shouldn't this be titled a "Most Mobilized Readership" contest rather than "Best" blog contest? I don't see how best-ness is even remotely being measured here.
11.8.2007 1:20pm
Maureen001 (mail):
ATL +404 as of right now.
11.8.2007 3:27pm
Tony Tutins (mail):
Well, I voted all I could. The cume vote doubled in the last 24 hours -- what caused that?
11.8.2007 4:32pm
Damn, 30 minutes to go, and down 400 or so votes. Seems the tabloid's going to win. the shame
11.8.2007 4:33pm
lucia (mail) (www):
Ahhh... but why did you guys stop voting? Best Science Blog votes kept rolling in for hours!
11.9.2007 5:11pm
TCO (mail):
This is the only decent blog on the internet. The rest of them have such moronic posters...that I just want to pistol whip. People on the internet are so annoying and intellectually dishonest. Wish they would all have one neck to end up on a video to be chopped off.
11.9.2007 10:03pm