The Early Career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
Legal Times has this very interesting story, via Howard.
My favorite quotes:

"The lesson is that you never know in life whether something is going to work out to your advantage, even if it seems to be a terrible impediment."

Words to live by.

And I have a love for irony:

Later, Harvard wanted to offer her an honorary law degree: "But it was on one condition: You must surrender your Columbia degree. My answer was that there was nothing that Harvard could offer me that would lead me to part with my Columbia degree."

Even later, Harvard offered to give her the honorary degree with no strings attached: "But I've gotten more mileage out of not getting the Harvard degree! Which has embarrassed them."
11.12.2007 11:51am
What commonly expressed sentiments today will seem inappropriate or outrageous to people in 50 years? In 200 years?
11.12.2007 11:56am
AppSocRes (mail):
Didn't Phyllis Schlafly attend and graduate from Harvard Law at about the same time as Ginsburg was there?
11.12.2007 12:19pm
loki13 (mail):

JD, Washington U, '78.

She did attend Radcliffe. Given her predilections, I am sure she wishes it had stayed separate (but equal).
11.12.2007 1:58pm
Although I would have to strain mightily to find a position Ginsburg and I would agree on, the photo of her with the typewriter had me thinking what a beautiful woman she is. It always makes me sad to see a beautiful (and brainy!) woman on the side of wrong. A part of me believes evil should be ugly in appearance, as well as in fact. Oh well. Onwards and upwards, comrade justice....
11.13.2007 9:05pm