Supreme Court Podcasts:
The Federalist Society puts out occasional podcasts featuring expert commentary on Supreme Court cases, and it has put up some interesting ones in the last few weeks on some pending decisions. Worth checking out if you're following the Court's current docket.
Ignatius (www):
For further Supreme Court nerdery, the audio for the 2006 Term is now available at
11.13.2007 7:37am
To really add to the nerd factor, you can also download podcasts of dozens of oral arguments from big cases in the past ten years or so from itunes. Just search for oyez.
11.13.2007 8:15am
BandarBush (mail):
speaking of the "current docket" where's the smart money on DC's cert petition in heller? We should hear about it today, anyone think they turn this one down? I don't.
11.13.2007 9:17am

No decision yet.
11.13.2007 10:22am
LM (mail):
The Federalist Society podcasts can't be very good. Apparently they only managed to line up one professor, Richard Epstein. The rest must be hacks.
11.14.2007 1:52pm