Practictioner Responses to "Four Models of Fourth Amendment Protection":
I had hoped that my new article "Four Models of Fourth Amendment Protection" could be useful to scholars, students, judges, and practitioners alike. In light of that, I wanted to flag two thoughtful responses to the article from current practitioners. A while back, Ken Lammers responded to an early draft with this response at CrimLaw. And just today, Scott Greenfield responded to the final version here at SimpleJustice.
pd in fla:
I started reading Orin's article yesterday. i have to agree the academic jargon is a bit much to wade through. if i ever used that kind of language in a suppression hearing argument my judge would immediately deny my but, i much respect mr. kerr's 4th amendment posts on here, so i'll give the article a read this weekend.
12.21.2007 12:13am
Thanks for trying, PD. I don't think it's that jargony, but I would never use that kind of language in a suppression hearing argument, either!
12.21.2007 1:28am